Thursday, September 30, 2010

DC Day!

Deep Conditioning is a big part of caring for natural hair.  I have a regimen I follow as I patiently await the day I achieve my goal hair length of bsl by November 29, 2011.  Currently, my hair length is between sl and apl when my tight curls and coils are stretched to the max.  Because my hair is recovering from heat damage from several years of flat ironing, I dust (trimming 1/4 or less from ends every 6-8wks) as I go until the heat damaged ends are gone. To avoid chopping 2 inches of heat damage from the front of my hair off I wear a twists and twist outs (unless there is an event I want to style it up for).  I wash every two weeks (co-washing in between if needed to lessen product build up from leave-ins, oils, and twist gel) and DC once per week.  Below are photos demonstrating my bi-weekly regimen and the products used to obtain the final result.

I started off with clarifying my tresses with Dr Bronners Castille Soap.  I used lavender scent.  I usually shampoo in the shower using luke warm water for my shampooing and cold water rinsing. Afterward, I apply my co-wash conditioner (usually Suave for slippage) and detangle in under running shower water, parting my hair in the middle detangling one side at a time from end to root with my Jlibre shower comb.

Once my hair is clean, I section into quads and detangle again from ends to roots on soaking wet hair.

...and I section another quad into 1/2 again.

Next, I apply the Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing conditioner in the amount shown above to each section of my hair from root to tip, lightly massaging my scalp and concentrating on the ends.

Once applied I immediately see and feel a difference in my hair texture.  My curls are softer and more defined.

I repeat the steps and twist each section as I go until ORS is applied to my entire head finger combing product thru.

Next, I baggie and sit under hooded dryer on low heat for 30-45 mins.

Next, I rinse ORS out of my hair with cold water, as cold as I can stand unitl water runs clear.  Now my hair is moisturized, my curls are soft, bouncy, and full of sheen.

I section my hair into quads again and apply the Garnier Fructis Leave-in to each section using same amount of product shown in ORS application except I do not section quads into halves again.  I keep my spray bottle of water and glycerin nearby to re-wet my hair during the twisting process as needed.

I begin with the back working my way to the front and twist my hair using Twist N' Loc gel on soaking wet hair.  Using a genorous amount I apply the gel from root to tip .  As I go i re-wet with my glycerin and water spray bottle.  This helps ensures my twists will come out well defined, so my twist outs last longer before I have to re-twist again.  If I want to wear my twist out immediately I will under the dryer medium heat for an hour or so, untwist them fro and rock my twist out.  Most of the time I allow my hair to air dry at least one full day before rocking a twist out.  Winter is approaching so I will be sitting under the hooded dryer more often, making sure I use a good heat protectant.

Wet Twists

Twist Out Day One

During the untwisting process I untwist very carefully making sure I dont not separate more than the 2 halfs twisted together to form the twist.  Once that part is done I shake it and keep it pushing! It gets no easier than that.

2nd day twist out
To maintain my twist out I use the "pineappling technique".  Please see below for demo of how to pineapple your hair. mllecafeaulait: pineappling demo

3rd Day Twistout
In addition to using the pineappling technique demonstrated in the above Youtube link, I apply Vatika coconut oil daily for softening and sheen.
With proper maintenence you can wear a twist out 3-5 days depending on your level of comfort and the amount of definition you want your hair to have.  Re-twisting during my two weeks of wearing the twist out will be done as needed.

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