Friday, October 1, 2010

Flare it Up Friday!

TGIF!!  I was on Facebook today and noticed :

Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Workshop!

It's add some "Flare to your #natural hair Fridays!" How will you add flare? ...a flower in the hair or some funky twisted updo, maybe even a sparkly hair-clip?
Since I'm not due to wash and condition until Saturday eve, I decided to do my version of You tuber Taren 916s' style from her fav styles video: 5 Fav styles by Taren 916...and I love it! I'd say this style would be a funky twisted updo. Its usually the last two days of my twist out I need to get creative and find something to do.  Since today is beautiful  80 degree Autumn weather I didn't want to thrown on the ole' faithful beanie.  So here it Flare it up Friday style!  

Shout outs for the inspirations to both Loving Your Hair and Taren 916...Happy Friday!

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