Sunday, October 10, 2010

Savvy Shampoos and Conditioning Concoctions from Home

There are so many benefits to caring for my hair naturally.  One of them was how it struck my interest in using homemade hair remedies to help increase my hairs health.  As a child my Mom regularly conditioned my crop with mayo and would sometimes use beer rinses to make my hair shine or for roller sets.  Now that I am heat free the concern for straight flat ironed hair thats bone straight and free flowing is no longer an issue.  Im able to  use oils and homemade usually wouldnt because have to worry about my flat iron being stiff or heavily weighted down.  Below are a few simple ones I found on

 Honey Pre-Wash Treatment
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons honey
5 drops rosemary or lavender

You will also need:
a small cup
a ceramic or glass bowl
a small stainless steel spoon
a plastic shower cap
a hot towel

What to do:
In a cup sitting in hot water, warm olive oil and honey.  Stir in essential oil of choice and mix. Apply mixture while warm, messaging into scalp.  Cover with plastic cap and wrap hot towel.  Leave on 15 mins.  Severely damaged 30 mins.  Wash with sulfate free shampoo or co wash.  Enough for one application.

Herbal Rinse
1 cup fresh rosemary
2 cups boiling water

What to do:
Steep rosemary in boiling water for twenty minutes and let cool.  Gently pour liquid over hair and work in.
Do not Rinse. Style as usual.  Will bring out natural sheen and low lights of dark hair.

Olive & Jojoba Hot Oil Treatment
30ml olive oil
15ml jojoba oil
5ml sweet almond oil

What to do: Place all ingredients in a plastic blwol and place into a larger bowl of very hot water.  Once warm apply genorously to scalp.  Pour remainder on hair.  best when used on dry or almost dry hair.  cover with plastic cap or saran wrap for one hour.  To rinse, put shampoo directly on hair without adding water.  Lather, then rinse as normal and style.

Natural Shampoo Base
1/4 cup water
1/4 cup castille soap
1/2 teaspoon olive oil

What to do:
Mix all together and place in shampoo bottle.  Makes 1/2 cup of concentrated shampoo.

Lavender Shampoo
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup fresh lavender
2 tablespoons of glycerin
1/2 cup of Natural Shampoo Base

What to do:
Mix water and lavender together into heavy bottom pot and bring to gentle boil for at least 20 mins.  Let cool slightly and add shampoo base and glycerin into herbal mixture.  Mix well.  Pour in container and let stand a few days to thicken. Use as you would your regular shampoo.

Avocado & Egg Conditioner
1 avocado
1 egg
1/4 cup of oil of choice
1 cup strong herbal tea (mix yarrow, marshmallow, horsetail, rosemary and nettle)

What to do:
Blend all ingrediants.  Shampoo with clarifying shampoo (like Dr. Bronners Castille Soap) then apply conditioner.  Cover hair with plastic cap or saran wrap with hot towel over.  do not let conditioner get too hot or you will have the annoying task of removing egg from your hair over the next few days following.  Let sit 20 minutes, rinse.  Follow with ACV rinse or lemon juice.

Close up of Avocado Honey conditioner on my hair

After Rinsing for 5 mins in cold water.

After rinsing the conditioner my hair was shiny and soft with tons of body.  I even flat ironed afterward and didnt have heavy stiff  hair.  Sometimes purchasing natural herbs and oils can be costly.  Click here to save by purchasing your ingrediants in bulk.  HHG!

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