Monday, October 18, 2010

Tweak It! Building a Sound Regimen.

With so many options its hard for me to avoid becoming a Product Junkie.

One of the necessary parts I find in building a sound hair care regimen is knowing when, where and how often to tweak it.  By that  I mean knowing when to change or alter my regimen.  There are two instances I find it requires tweaking, when I learn new information about a hair care practice or style and when I use a new product that gives my desired result.  At this point I my focus is to reduce my staple products and simplify them down to which ones work the best in combination with being the most budget friendly.  I've learned higher prices do not nenecessarily equate better products. 

I divide my products into three categories.
  1. Cleansing~ I only use Dr Bronners Castille Soap.  I'm not tweaking this product unless I find another product that offers the same results for less money or better results within the same price range.
  2. Conditioning~ I currently use Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner.  I alternate with any Ayurveda line of conditioners, Amla, Brahmi, and Shikakai*(*can be used for cleansing as well).
  3. Styling-~ This is were it gets tweaked the most.  This is were I can get into PJ mode since there is such and abundance of product lines out now.  Since this one varies according to the style I'm wearing and my budget, just keepin it real, I will post the product used under the pictorial.

Now that my heat damaged ends are gone and the condition of my hair is improving, my hair goals have changed.  I find it important to keep updating my goals during my journey.  By doing so, I have a constant way of optimizing my hair health potential.  Even if I decided  to go shorter I can still make a goal for my hair like,  to have a short fro, shape just for my face, with healthy big coils.  This way my regimen will reflect my goals.  I will look for styling products which are directed towards achieving that particular look.  I feel this is better for me so I don't end up purchasing items I dont need thus becoming a PJ or "Product Junkie".  Another way to I avoid being a PJ is by purchasing in sample sizes. I can try a product free to very low cost and then determine without breaking my piggy bank if I want to add the product as a staple to my regimen. At the bottom of  Luv My Kynxx blog, I list links to products sites that offer sample or travel size packages.  Most prices vary from $4.00 to $25.00, higher prices being travel sets where you get multiple items.


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