Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Winter Weaving Protective

My favorite time of year is here, Fall.  As Winter soon draws near  protective styling for naturals will be the go to doo's for the next 6-8 months.  Many women opt wearing sew in weaves for their protective style of choice.  Sew-in weaves are great for protective styling during Winter to prevent dryness and aid in growth retention.
Human hair can be purchased in 3b, 3c, and 4a textures.  Below is a photo of me wearing a Bohyme Brazilian Wave (aka Bro Braz) in 1B sewn in last fall worn for 2 months  and again in winter 2010 for another two months.  I'd grown a full inch of healthy hair when I took it down each time...and not one person ever asked me if it was a weave.  Not that I was trying to trick anyone however, I'm a firm believer in wearing weaves that look as natural as possible.  People shouldn't look and KNOW you are wearing a weave...at most they should look and wonder IF its a weave.

February 2010
I did these sew- in by myself by braiding my hair going straight back in about 10 braids.  The hair that was left hanging I divided into to two equal parts, crossed them and sewed them down low on my nape.  This way the bulge was covered by the weave hair and the top was flat creating a very natural fall and look.  Until today,  I never openly revealed this pic was of a weave...only because folk just assumed it was mine and no one ever asked...that's what I'm talkin' bout!

This is the package it comes in and the shortest length you can purchase is a very generous 14".  Which is cool if you want to rock the Diana Ross look but I cut mine once installed to a  length I felt comfortable with.  I paid $115.00 including shipping via eBay.com and only used one pack.  So for $115 I had a hair style lasting two months...that's a bargain.

There are several companies that sale kinky curly 3C/4A human hair.  Here is one I found looking at pics from a Fotki pal who had it installed in her hair.  The company is called All About My Hair.  You can view gallery pics of styles which really makes it easier to choose the texture you want.  Click here to view All About My Hair Remy Kinky Hair.

Another company that sales kinky curly hair is Nature Girl.  Usually this company sales out fast and when you see the hair you will know why...its absolutely gorgeous!  Click here to view Nature girl Kinky 3C Virgin hair.

This next company produces some of the most beautiful human hair I've ever seen.  Its called Real Hair Online Amsterdam.   The only thing is when you order products from them I highly suggest you do you have a currency converter so you know how much your credit card is being billed as the order form and website are in German ( I think its German). 
Click here to view RHO-Kinky Afro Hand tied Weave

I'm sure if time permits and I continue searching around I can find even more companies online that sale kinky curly weaving hair.  As a natural unless I'm doing a full head sew in, I will only use hair that matches my texture to avoid having to put heat on my hair to blend it with the weave hair.  

Quick Weave Protectives can be great ways to have zero manipulation to your hair because all of the hair is braided or gel'd down protected by plastic and a wig cap where the tracks are then glued to it instead of your scalp and hair.  I also like them because you can go from long to short hair without having to cut your real hair. Quick weaves are the only time I would ever find it acceptable to use hair glue for any reason. Glue will tear out your hair from the root.  Baby oil and other glue removers still do not stop the track from pulling on your hair roots when sliding them out.  The only way to ensure no hair loss is to protect your hair with plastic underneath the wig cap.  The photos below are of a quick weave I'd gone to the salon to have done back in March 08' on my almost mid back length hair..and again never was asked if it was my real hair!

Word of advice,  if you're going to a salon for your install  pay close attention to the amount of tension being used when tracks are being braided.  If the braids are unbearably tight, trust and believe your hair is not benefiting from it at all.  This is one of the main causes of certain types of  alopecia which in some cases may be irreversible.  Also, make sure you DC while wearing a sew-in.  The easiest way for me was to DC using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to my scalp and braids with a bottle that has an applicator tip like the ones used when applying color.  After its applied wait an hour or so and rinse with cold water.  Its that simple.  I could have worn my sew-in longer than 2 months.  I took it down because I got tired of the same look after having it for so long and I missed styling my real hair.



  1. Thank you so much for this post! I've been scouring the web for affordable kinky curly hair to replace my crochet braids. THANK YOU!!

    1. Sorry for the late reply...You're very welcome :)

  2. wait so that's NOT your hair?

    1. Not on any of the photos in this blog post. All others it is.