Thursday, November 25, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.  ~JFK
 In the past 4 months I have made being grateful for everything I have and dont have a priority.  This has been an intricate part of my daily life.  Without it I feel lost, with no guidence or protection.  I remember last Thanksgiving I wrote on Facebook that I was going to give a shout out of thanks everyday...that lasted about 3 weeks (smiling).  Most of the time, thanks for lifes happy days, things, and moments were the only time I reflected on or felt I had to be thankful for, and again on Thanksgiving.  My spirit has changed from what I knew as giving thanks to suffice gratefulness, to now making gratitude my attitude everyday.  Of course I go through things which sometimes cause me to feel I have no reason to be grateful they are happening to me.  It is in the midst of those situations I've learned to be even more grateful.  I made a gratitude list awhile back and when Im feeling the burden of lifes lows I turn to my sheet of paper and remind myself of all the wonderous and glorious things the Divine blesses me with waking up.  Waking up is so simple for me it became something that was unappreciated.  I saw it as an occurance that is supposed to happen in the morning.  In actuality, the very confidence I felt in knowing I would wake up the next day to new possibilities is one of the strongest signs of faith I had in a higher power. Nothing and no one is promised another day.  Realizing I was an ingrate (and still fall short at times), my heart longed for change so I strive to make gratititude my attitude, daily.
Luving Gratitude

God's love
My children
My mothers unconditional love for me
My father
My brothers
My family
My health and my childrens health
The ability to utilize all 5 senses
The gift of creativity
My life
My home and everything in it
My car
My clothes and shoes and the ability to provide my family with the same
My Job
This past year 2010
True friendship
My luv, passion and all that I know, so far, about natural hair care
My education and my childrens education
The conversation I had w/ my Mommy Dear this morning 
To know abundance surrounds me
My ability to write
Knowing right from wrong
Every book I've ever read
Giving love
My faith
All that God protects me from
The clients I have and to come
For all the love I receive
For every new person that enters my life
My past
For waking up everyday for the past 37 years.


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