Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fallacies of Natural Hair

It wasn't until recently when I decided to turn my dreams into reality and embark on my career as a natural hair stylist that I began recognizing the various meanings people felt defined natural hair.  Everyone is entitled to think feel and believe as they wish.  No opinion is better than another as only facts merit truth.  I was recently contacted by someone who watched my YouTube "Journey to LuvMyKynxx" video.  This person responded to it by stating, in their opinion, I was not natural when I wore my hair flat ironed over the years regardless of the fact I wasn't chemically relaxed.  In their opinion, natural means no straightening of hair.  Although their opinion of my video was unsolicited, I respect peoples views about information I share and want to address it.  My intention for Luv♥My♥Kynxx is to share what I've learned by providing correct and accurate information which is not misleading.  So, moving forward this is...

What "Natural Hair" means to me...

Plain and simple, hair that is not chemically relaxed which has permanently changed the texture of the hair.    Some may agree, some may disagree, its all a matter of  personal perception of what natural means to each individual.  Again, no opinion should be looked upon as fact, not even mine.  What concerned me most about the persons response to the video was the implication that somehow I was misleading others to believe I was natural when in essence I was not, solely based on their opinion of what natural meant to them.  To state that thermally straightened hair, without any chemicals is not natural, in my opinion is a fallacy.  One benefit of being natural is having the versatility to go from curly to straight, wash, and back to curly again.  Hair that has been relaxed will not allow such texture versatility.  Overtime, thermal straightening can cause permanent heat damage to where the curls will not revert back.  Heat damage was the issue I had that prompted me to stop using heat on my hair.  Nonetheless, in my opinion, my hair was still natural when it was being thermally straightened due to the fact it has not been chemically altered and the texture has not been permanently changed.

As I've stated before I am not a vegan natural product user. I've read opinions of other naturals that unless you use vegan organic products, your hair is not natural.  I don't, as yet, have the time nor desire to make my own products.  I will occasionally mix up homemade hot oil treatments, conditioners, gels and such when I want.  I read ingredients and make a  point to stay away from harmful agents like sls, petroleum, mineral oil, and a few others.  For me, as long as a product I'm contemplating on trying doesn't include the aforementioned harmful agents, I  will more then likely opt to try it.  Does the fact I don't use vegan products or mix my own discredit my ability to be considered a natural hair wearer or stylist?...its all a matter of perception and personal opinion.

My purpose for Luv♥My♥Kynxx is to unite not to divide.  I am not anti- relaxer nor pro- natural.  I am pro- Me.  I am pro anyone embracing what makes a person comfortable in their own skin.  It just so happens I am most comfortable when I wear my hair natural, thus my blog, and any future videos I make will reflect what I am seeking which is to achieve healthy naturally coily, kinky hair.  I will also address hair issues for those who have contacted me with relaxed hair and do not desire a natural head of hair, and help them find healthier ways to incorporated in caring for their hair was well. 

In closing, if you love weave, weave it up!  However, if a person is suffering from baldness, thinning hair and hair line as a result of wearing weaves with too much tension, I want to help find ways to correct the balding and to empower a person to speak up to their stylist or recognize if they are self installing when a weave is too tight.  If you love color, color it up! However, if you are continuously coloring your hair at home or having it done at a salon and your hair is breaking off and damaged, lets find out what is causing the breakage and address ways to correct that issue.  If you love your hair relaxed, relax it up! However, if your hair is breaking, thinning, dry, damaged and over processed, lets find alternatives, even if temporary, to regain the hair health that is desired.  This way moving forward with chemical processing healthier hair choices are made to maintain strength, density and length.  No matter which way a person chooses to wear their hair as long as it makes them feel they are being true to who they are and as beautiful as they can be...that is all that matters...in my opinion.


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  1. Straightening you hair is a chemical reaction. Although not permanent (right away). But it does not have to be permanent for it to be considered a chemical. Nevertheless since your hair is and was natural your are a person with natural hair that still applies strong chemicals to it. And if someone continues to straighten their hair over a period of time it does become more permanent. My mother called it heat training. But it is really heat damage. My mother could press like nobody's business. And my hair never grew pass my neck. Nice article.