Thursday, November 4, 2010

Growth Challenge: 12 months = 6"

Now that I've gotten rid of most of my heat damaged ends, I've decided to begin focusing on retaining length.  From November 29, 2010 (my birthday) to November 29, 2011 my goal is to retain all 6 inches of hair growth.  I thought about clipping ends, dusting and what not and realized if I'm not using heat in any way aside from DC there may not be a need to dust or trim so Im going for the gold, all 6 inches in one year.  This way if I dont make it I know I will make very close to.  Always Aim High!  

Another goal in the next 12 months is for my hair to increase it's thickness..  My hair is very soft and fine even the kinkier section so if I can thicken the strands my hair will appear to be more dense then it really is. Ayurveda has help much to date with increasing the diameter of my strands and gives my hair a much fuller appearance. 

Im going to measure the front sides and back separately and will post photos. I want to be sure all sections of my hair, especially the back section which is much kinkier and more prone to breakage is also retaining length.   Each month I will post an updated pic and every 3 months a comparison shot.   My regimen will stay the same unless I try out a new styling product and if so I always list the name or do a product review.  Im still looking for a new hair shampoo to replace Dr Bronners.  Once I purchase one if I like it I will update.  When it comes to styling products however I'm more open to change and switch up depending on what the product has in it and the results I get from using. 

My focus on Luv My Kynxx will also shift more towards styling options.  I will show more styling pictorials and attach Youtube vlogs as well.   I choose protective styling mostly twists and twist outs or cornrows to help me retain all 6 inches of hair growth this upcoming year.  Each style will last 2 wks minimum.  If it doesnt thats when I will make it last by wearing scarves and beanies to avoid manipulation which again is key to retaining length.  I encourage anyone who would like to join me in my journey towards healthier hair as we can be support for each other.


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