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Highlights from Nappiology Expo 2010

Highlights from Nappiology Expo 2010

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Sunday, November 7th marked the 3rd Annual Nappiology Expo. I felt fortunate for the opportunity to attend.  I want to give special kudos to De Phillips nappiologist/founder of Nappiology, Inc. for her outstanding work in putting the Expo together, allowing naturals and vendors to come together under one roof on this special day.  Attending this event was more than I had imagined it would be.  I was blown away by how many women in the area who are natural.  Prior to the expo I had never attended any type of hair show or expo so this was a first for me.  Nevertheless, the event superseded any expectations I could have had.  I was able to network with other naturals and even set up a couple of app for the upcoming week, one appointment was scheduled for the next day!  I am so grateful for being able to attend the Nappiology Expo 2010 and look forward to next years event.  I knew I'd be fighting off some serious shopping temptations while there so prior to going I allotted myself a budget and wrote down must have items: Jewelery, Tee, and CD Hair Milk...Here are some highlights of my day!

As I walked around it was nice to see images of women wearing their natural hair, from every walk of life...Inspiring!

This was the first booth I passed entering the vendor section of the Expo.  I may purchase one in the future to prolong the life of my braided styles.  As shown there is a huge variety of colors and patterns...continued success to Loc Soc owner! For more info click HERE.

Ah yes...the infamous Jane Carter Solution! When I first arrived the booth was still being set up and Ms. Carter was nowhere in sight.  I did get a chance to pass by later on saw her but was too shy to ask for a pic. Big regret...(smiling).

I was excited about Carols Daughter Macy's being there.  It had been awhile since I purchased some Hair Milk and decided to pick up a bottle.  I also wanted to compare it to the Pura Body Naturals Muru Muru Moisture Milk I'd recently tried and reviewed.

As I continued walking around I spotted Jewelery!  Uh Oh!

One of the main items I knew I had to leave with was Handmade Jewelery.  Soon as I saw this booth my eyes couldn't help but focus on these:

These are custom hand made rings from Jewels by Anike.  I couldn't pass it up for $15 so  I had to wait for the Artisan to finish with her current patron.

Her name is Riyike Faleti (love her name) and she designs jewelery for Jewels by Anike.  While making my ring she and I had the chance to get acquainted.  Her business is stationed in Houston, TX and she decided to make her own jewelery after being frustrated about not finding jewelery that fit her style...and voi`la a star is born!
This ring is so comfortable.  Riyike took her time and truly customized this ring just for me.  She was genuinely friendly and welcoming.  I was grateful to have been able to patronize her booth and wish her continued blessings.

Isn't it just too part-tee...(smiling)!
Thanks Riyike. 
To see more and order from Jewels by Anike go HERE. 

Another awesome jeweler from H-Town.  I misplaced her business card so I don't have any info on her.  However if your in Houston and want to find another great jeweler look for the beautiful Lady with bright red Sista Locks.

"Good Hair: Hair that is kept in good condition.  Texture is of no importance."

I had to have it!  I used to loathe the term but now understand its true meaning, printed on this tee shirt above, I'm beginning to embrace it, since after all, I DO have Good Hair!...(smiling)

Another vendor was AfroVeda.  In the photo is Mala Rhodes, Founder and CEO
For more info about AfroVeda Products click

Author of Good Enough Mother, Rene Syler had a book signing table as well...the line was long too.  I didn't have time to stay and find out what the book was about as I didn't want to miss the 3rd Workshop of the day, Hair locking 101.  So I mossey'd my way to the workshop!

Talk about exceeding expectations.  I had no idea this workshop was going to be such a blessing to me.  I learned so much during the 90 minute workshop Instructed by Malaika Tamu Cooper of Dreadz Headz in Baltimore, MD.  I learned about hair locking, hair locking on Caucasian type hair, lock maintenance, heard great business tips, and she briefly discussed on her ability to sometimes look at a persons hair and assess health issues...I can go on.  
Below is a clip from the Hairlocking 101 Workshop

"Malaika Tamu Cooper...does NOT TEACH Sista Locks!"...she made us repeat that to her twice...(smiling!).  I must say she works lightening fast.  Prior to the Workshop I saw her set up at her own booth working on turning a lady wearing a TWA into silky comb coils.  She was an awesome speaker and has been in the field of natural hair styling and care since 1993.  Ms Cooper also host the 2nd largest natural gathering in the US called the Baltimore Natural Beauty Expo Symposium which will be held January 15 & 16, 2011.  For more info click HERE.

I decided to stay for the next Workshop 4: Hair Empowerment Hosted by Keisha Ricks Salon owner of Nappy Bliss in De Soto, TX.

Below is a Clip of her Basic Styling Demo (please excuse my voice co-signing in the background, I couldnt help it...(smiling):


I loved the fact there was a screen behind her so when she performed demos people in the audience could get a better view of what was being done. One of the products Keisha said works great on her 4C type hair is Taliah Waajid Black Earth Products, who also happen to be a vendor at the Expo.

Workshop 5: Transitioning 101 was next...I opted to return to the vendor section since I'm not transitioning and found that even more women were arriving.  It was packed!  So many lovely ladies with lovely hair styles, I just had to take pics! And no one minded my boldness in asking...(smiling).

Not sure of this Naturalistas name I just had to take a photo of her self created style...simply mah-velous!

I love it!

This is Ashley...who happens to now be a new client of mine. She BC'd in July and this photo does her naturally jet black coif no justice.  Ashely rocks a thick 3c/4a Fro like a star with a flower to accent its beauty. I'm grateful and blessed to have met such a beautiful young lady with an equally beautiful spirit.  Pics of Ashley's hairstyle I did the next day can be viewed in the Gallery section

This is the crowd of ladies waiting for the Hair Styling Showcase to begin...felt so good to see so many Naturalistas! 

Showcase Stage

And the show begins with styles by Keisha Ricks of Nappy Bliss Salon in De Soto, TX

This style is a fishtail on mature locks

Due to the distance of where I was standing from the stage the photos don't show details of the styles.  I decided not to continue to take pics of the showcase...Nevertheless, the show was awesome!

I so enjoyed my day at the Nappiology Expo 2010  as this pic shows I returned home with all kinds of business cards, flyer's, and product samples.

And last but not least...below are pics of myself all decked out and heading out to the Expo! 

My Ensemble and Nappiology Expo Hair Doo!

One Side Braided Twist Out


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