Saturday, December 18, 2010

Growth Challenge: Length Check #1

Originally my 12 month = 6 inches growth challenge was set to begin on my birthday 11/29/2010.  Nevertheless, I'm starting it today and have some pics to show my current length.  I'm going to depend solely on protective styling for the next 12 months to help me retain as much length as possible over the next year. 

Wigs, quick weaves, braids, twist, buns and head gear will be options that I'll start utilizing more often as well.  During the next year every 3 months I'll post the Growth Challenge update to show progress.  This will serve as motivation for me and hopefully others who are doing the same, to stay humble and stay out of my head.  I realize the key to maximum hair growth retention is to simply, leave it alone! 

I only use heat on my hair when I am DC'ing so for my first length check I co-washed with VO5 Split Ends Conditioner (I luv it), rinsed and stretched each section to show my current length as of 12/17/2010.

Stretched from bang

Stretched from top

Stretched from just behind ear

Stretched from just above ear

Stretched from center nape

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Top Crown

Stretched from lower back of head
My short term goal is to achieve BSL when stretching the lower back section of my head as photo shown above.  Since hair grows 1/2 inch each month and I'm guessing from APL to BSL is about 3-4 full inches.  It will take the majority of the year to get there.  I'm not going to break out a tape measure.  At this point I feel my hair isn't long enough for all that.  Also I read on Long Hair Care Forum the appropriate way to measure is to start from the front hair line.  If that's the case, I wont reach BSL for a cool 5 or 6 years...hmmmmm, I think I will be measuring from the back of my head...smiling.  I want to enjoy my journey and not focus on how far I have to go.  I can see growth without having to know the exact number of inches it has grown by stretching.  Now once I get to where I want to be then yep, I'm breaking out the tape measure.  For now... I choose to enjoy the ride as if I've already reached my destination.

 Next update:  3/17/2011!


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