Friday, December 31, 2010

Homemade Flax Seed Gel n' Twists Pt-1

This post is dedicated to my wonderful Sista-Friend Trenice

Founder and Owner of "Nola Naturals" in New Orleans, LA...Who Dat?..smiling.

I first told my friend Trenice about Flaxseed Gel recipe I'd tried so time ago.  Since then, Trenice has been asking me to post a how-to of the homemade all natural gel. I tried the gel months ago prior to going full fledged no heat natural and I didn't like it.  I realize now it was mostly due to not knowing how to properly style my hair with the gel.  I gave it another go, this time adding some essentials, and to make a long story short...I'm not buying regular hair gel ever again for twists!  I LOVE flax seed gel.  It worked just as well on my hair if not better than the high cost all natural gel I usually use for my twists and twist outs at a tiny fraction of the price.  I used the same recipe as one of my fave channels Naptural85 on YouTube used for her video.  Very simple, budget friendly and it works...

I started out with a bag of Organic Flax seeds, cost about $2,
bottled water or pre-boiled water, cost 0-$1, lavender and rosemary essential oils both cost about $17 (only a few drops are needed to get a very strong scent so those oils will be used for multiple batches.

A small non-stick or stainless steel pot

Measure 2cups water to 1/4 cup Flax seeds

Bring water and seeds to boil on Med-High setting

After about 15 minutes or so water will thicken and become slimy (for lack of a better term).

At this point prepare the storage container with a strainer.  You can use an old nylon stocking. I used old material similar to nylon hose.  Whatever you use make sure the gel will strain from the seeds without the seeds getting in the gel.

This is the gel strained prior to squeezing out excess gel from seeds.  A set of plastic tongs can be used for additional straining.  I used my hands covered with rubber gloves...I didn't really like using that method so next time I'll use tongs.

As this photo shows the gel after seeds were squeezed with pressure and thickest consistency of gel was strained out.

Add 3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
Add 3 drops of Rosemary Essential Oil...this oil is very strong.  My entire home smelled like Lavender and Rosemary for hours after making the gel with only 3 drops of each, container closed, and in my fridge.

If using the Flaxseed Gel for future use add a drop or two of Vitamin E Essential Oil as a preservative. 

In Part 2, I will demo how I applied the gel to my twists and post pics of the style.


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