Friday, January 7, 2011

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Review

So whats the fuss?..There are so many products for natural hair available now its hard for me to tell if I should go out and purchase something simply because of fuss and buzz on blogs and vlogs.  Hair products are getting quite costly so if the opportunity strikes itself to catch a bargain, I'm not passing it up.  I finally found out what all the fuss was about, after purchasing Giovanni Direct Leave-In, one of the most raved about leave-in conditioners on the market.  While visiting Whole Foods in search of a leave-in I noticed something new.  In the beauty aisle they now carry 2 oz sample sizes of various hair shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins and even a few styling products. The 1.99 shelf tag grabbed my attention first when, low and behold, there they were...the entire Giovanni line in sample sizes for $2 bucks a pop.  I couldn't pass it up! kynxx soaked up that little 2oz bottle, but it was just the right amount!
As always I start off with a clean co-washed head of hair of the first things I noticed and luv'd about it was the thickness and gooey texture, I knew I was going to see way more hair definition just by the feel of it.
...applied to each side front and back

...middle and crown
  I finger combed it a bit so as my hair dried it would dry to a with a bit of shape to it.  Since Giovanni Direct is so thick and heavy, I decided to just wear a fro instead of twists.  The definition it gave put me in the mind of using shea butter on wet hair and letting it air dry...
 ...and once it dried... 

Just before retiring to bed for the night I took one more look at it...still looking good through wind and all.  I would use this again, luv it!


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