Saturday, January 1, 2011

Product Review: Sweet Aromas 4 U

Closing of 2010 has proven to be completely different for me then how it so many ways.  One main unexpected occurrence this year was Kynxx and the opportunity to meet new people who are incredibly gifted and talented.   I met owner of Sweet Aromas 4 U,  Serena Gibson on Facebook a few months ago and told myself  I would make sure to order a candle as they are the most unique candles I’d ever seen.  After recently visiting the website, I quickly decided to treat myself to of one of Serenas candles fromSweet Aromas 4 U.  It was luv at first sight when I saw the 3 Wick Heart Candle I had to have it....and I'm so glad I do!
Serena even sent a Thank You note..sweet!

This is the candle,
right out of the shipping box…
beautifully packaged.

...and business cards, nice.

It sits perfectly on my bedroom dresser…lavender scented.

It was easy to see how passionate Serena is about Sweet Aromas 4 U.  I called Serena and placed my order.  She was so kind and explained the shipping process and time frame I should expect to receive my candle. Being that I placed the order right in the peak of last minute holiday shopping on December 24th, and received it December 29 and also taking into consideration the post office was closed until the December 27 ...shipping was fast!   I luv burning scented candles and I'm glad I decided to get one from Sweet Aromas 4 U, after all...

Everyone luvs a treat every now n’ then!

Owner/Creator Serena Gibson


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  1. Thank you so much Amber! I love all of what you had to say :)