Saturday, February 19, 2011

Keep It Natural Hair Intervention!

I hear so many new-to-natural Naturalistas express their frustrations with the first year post big chop styling options.  I personally have never big chopped but I can still relate since I too had the same impulse to run out and grab a box of creamy crack around month five of my transition.  Don't fret, we all have had our fair share of this anxiety.  I love natural hair, not just mine but ALL natural hair.  I cringe when I have friends or even read and watch frustrated naturals I don't personally know give up and return or threaten to return to chemically treated hair.  You have come too far, even if you are just 2 months post big chopping...YOU CUT IT ALL OFF, that's coming a long way, not just esthetically but emotionally to be able to make such a drastic change in your appearance.  This is a S/O to every Sista out there who is struggling with first year jitters, keep the faith...your journey has just begun.

Add some neat Cornrows to the front or side of your TWA for sassy pizazz!

Using products that provide maximum curl definition also help cure TWA anxieties.

Comb Coils offer a nice change of pace and last awhile, freeing you from daily wash n' go blues.

Bantu Knots look FAB and can be rocked on TWA lengths!

Cutting your TWA into a style can also help with anxiety to relax again.  I see plenty of chic Naturalistas happy with the TWA stage and opt to keep their hair at this length.

Adding color can also cure the TWA blues.  It makes for a nice pick me up and change in appearance.

Whatever you do, don't sleep on hair accessories like head bands, beanies, feather or flowers, and even earrings!  Yep big beautiful earrings make a huge difference in the look of your TWA.

Feather earrings are HOTT!

Go BoHo with this style!

Chandeliers make an elegant choice for that night on the town rockin a TWA!

And the oh-so-popular flowered head bands...these are really cheap and easy quick TWA picker uppers!  Almost every Dollar Store keeps these in stock!

Flowers with bobby pins make great additons to a TWA!

Last but not least hats are a great accessory for those bad TWA hair days...we all have them at every length.

This is the flyest look to me!

Its important to remember the best part of going natural lies your journey not just the destination. Enjoy your journey, and in so you will enjoy the transition to natural hair. Soon you will be looking this (big smile):


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  1. Great Post Amber..I loved my BC and stylin options with my much so that I've wanted todo it a few more times..but. I'm going to grow it out..And yes, feather earrings are soooo hot. I love love love the look of accessories with my natural..thanks for posting

  2. Hi Nique...thanks for your support luv. I didnt have the courage nor confidence to BC when I transistioned in 1995. Back then it just wasnt something women did. Now I am so greatful women are not caring about societies abnormal veiws of beauty...natural is finally the norm! Stay Sweet, luv your blog!