Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Many Styles with Mini Twists!

Since the beginning of this year my focus has been finding a style that I can wear everyday, still look cute, and that I don't have to use a brush or a comb to maintain.  Easier said then able to find.  I tried cornrows, after 7-8 days they start looking frowed on me after awhile which is not a good look, especially for my day job.  I tried a quick weave but it only made me miss touching and caring for my real hair. I just couldn't stop thinking about finding a hairstyle I could wear that would allow me to be free from using a comb or brush my hair for at least 10 days, would stay looking cute throughout those 10 days, and that would give me the versatility I need to avoid boredom from the same look?  After countless hours of You Tubing I decided to try some mini twists.  So many Naturalistas grow their hair out to extreme lengths from this heat free, low manipulation, easy to clean, condition, and groom, even when hair is still in the twists.  One of my favorite vloggers naturalhaircare101 provided me with the insight and removed anxiety about retaining all 6 inches in my journey for 2011.  I love twists and twist outs on my hair yet never thought about mini twists.  I can honestly say I am so happy I did because now I've found my staple hair doo!

To achieve maximum curl definition, maximum moisturizing, and minimum shrinkage I use Knot Today Leave-In and  Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  Wearing mini twists makes the $60 I will spend on the custard and two bottles of leave in per month a bargain.  I dilute 1/3rd of the leave in with spring water and spray it on my hair each night and morning to re-activate the custard.  Therefore there is no reason for me to keep applying the custard after the twists have been put in.

My twists re-wet after 10 days of wearing them.  Once they dried I fell even more in luv with them.  I never had to re-twist.  I applied metal duck bill clips on the roots and tied my hair down with a silk scarf...

...And the fun part is all the cute styles I tried once it dried...like this jazzy up do using another fave product of mine for definition Cantu:

Half up half down twists...
...or this banana clip bun

I gathered my twists above the crown of my head and applied my clip careful not to get my kynxx in the clasp...

and just let them hang...

...or create a nice bun with the use of bobby pins.

...and they make some of the most fierce looking twist outs I have ever been able to achieve.

I can even rock them without feeling like I have to conform to corporate standards of beauty.

I took my twists out to DC with Henna.  I could have worn them much longer than 14 days and intend on trying to keep them in for 21 days this next go round.  I began my Growth Journey 12/17/2010 shown in a previous post.  My goal is for my kynxx to be collar bone length or CBL by the end of this year...keeping my fingers crossed.  I decided not to stretch my hair on any of the length checks I do moving forward.  I will be showing before and after pics of my hair to chart my progress.  Look out for my next progress check on 3/17/2011! 



  1. your twists and twist-out look amazing! i'm loving your blog and it looks like all your hard work is paying off for your hair. simply gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Angelina...yes it is FINALLY! I appreciate your comment,sweet.