Friday, March 11, 2011

Confessions of a Co-Wash Junkie

My fav from above is $1 VO5...detangles my kynxx like no other!

It's been a little over 2 months since I last shampooed my kynxx.  After reading Curly Girls by Lorraine Massey I decided to try her technique and do what made sense, to me.  I'm not one to follow trends and word of mouth suggestions but when I read or hear anything that just makes common sense, I'm quick to take heed and make the required adjustments.  At this point I can honestly say I am a full fledged Co-Wash Junkie.  Nothing has made my hair look or feel the way it looks and feels after I co-wash.  Even when I pre-poo with oils or conditioners and even when using sulfate free shampoos of various brands, no shampoo I've tried easily untangled, defined, and moisturized like a good old co-wash.  Since my coils are tight and I dont have much product build up from keeping my hair in mini-twists, I have been able to omit shampoo from my regimen completely, my natural oils dont even reach my ends.  Only thing is....I need to wash my hair as I am now feeling sebum building slightly and need a gentle way to cleanse my scalp. 

I read blogs and forum comments and noticed that many Naturalistas have opted for the no-poo lifestyle and as one I understand the value from it.  I still need to have something for times when my scalp needs to be cleansed so as of today I am in search of the perfect shampoo.  Perfect meaning a shampoo that will leave my hair clean yet looking and feeling the exact way it does after I co-wash.  A part of my Ayurvedic regimen includes scalp cleasning from Shakaiki powder found in the Henna I use and at times I mix it with Brahmi and Amla for my bi-weekly treatments.  Yet and still the beneficial ayurvedics don't leave my hair with the silky feel of conditioner washing.

I've had my eye on a few shampoos Im going to try.  Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash and DevaCurl-No Poo and/or One Poo, are top of my list.  Hopefully, I can find them in small or sample sizes this way if my hair doesnt agree with them it wont be a total waste of money.  Product reviews to come!

My hair is growing healthy and thriving since I've omitted shampoo. Moving forward I will only shampoo as needed and since its been over 8 weeks Im guessing my shampoo bottles will last quite awhile. 


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