Friday, April 15, 2011

Farewell Heat Damage, Hello Healthy Hair!

Journey (noun): The act of traveling from one place to another.

January 1, 2011 I had it all planned out.  6 months to 12 inches was my goal.  Well like all things in life, change is inevitable and I had to change my goal.  If you have seen my YouTube Jouney to Luv My Kynxx video it shows I have been natural for many years however the toll of heat damage had taken its course to the point I HAD to change my hair care regimen from natural straight to natural no heat.  This time last year I was so fed up with my hair.  Although it was APL, my hair was so thin and fragile.  Shedding was an issue and I was just getting into Ayurveda to correct it.  I'm so happy I did.  Last week I was about to two-strand twist it up and realized the couple of inches of remaining heat damage had to go.  My nerves wouldnt allow me to keep styling damged hair.  There was no point in focusing my journey on growth when I still  needed to rid my tresses of heat damage.  No one could tell, especially since my go to style is twists and twist outs, it all blends in, I often get complimented about how healthy my kynxx look.  Problem was, I could tell.  I knew where my hair was and the potential of where it can go.  So, I medium chopped and took between 2- 3 inches off the length.  Certain parts of my hair had more heat damage remaining then others.  I don't really care about it being perfectly even since curly hair blends no matter what, perfectly even hair isn't important to me as much as ridding my hair of damage and paving a new road of healthy hair to begin my growth journey.'

Here is a before photo of my hair with no product after a DC:

Loose curls/straight ends were from heat damage.
The cut was easy.  I was racking my brain for two weeks trying to decide if I wanted to go to a salon and have a cut on straight flat ironed hair, or if I should do it myself.  I opted to do it myself since heat is not an option for me at this point.  I envy (in a good way) big choppers because they get to start out with a fresh new head of healthy hair and by year one, they have beautiful thick well defined curls.  I knew I not only wanted to get rid of the remaining heat damage, I wanted a better shape for my hair to grow out in.  I noticed women who decided to BC by year one their hair had the best shape to it.  I also noticed when it was in an Afro state it had a certain shape then when curly it had the same shape just more defined.  I picked out my detangled hair and let it air dry with no product.  I needed it to look more like a fro with little curl definition.  I took my shears and cut off all the straight ends.  I picked it out again from root to end with my plastic wide tooth K-Cutter comb I've had for 3 years, cutting and picking.  Once there were no visible straight ends seen, I shaped it how I wanted it to lay.  The nape of my hair has always had 3C curls no matter what I do they are very loose in that area and cause my hair to look uneven or like the back is longer then the crown even though they were even.  So I cut an even 2 inches off of my nape (using 3 way mirror) and shaped my fro.

Most of the length was taken off of the front where I had the most heat damage, the nape where it was almost BSL, and the top of my head.  I knew I wanted the end result to be more of a blunt bob and that was exactly what I got!

I love it!!!!!!!! My curls are visibly more plump and defined.  I only have Taliah Waajid's Great Detangler leave-in conditioner in my hair 
I don't miss the length at all...I gained healthy curls and that was my focus.  Now I can move forward on my healthy hair journey and know what grows now will be more cutting my hair for a long time!!

Perfect Bob in the Back!

No more straggly ends, Yay!!
Moving forward, I will be posting many styling pics and pictorials.  I cut my hair 4/7/2011 and will post progress pics 7/7/2011.  I will have grown back half of what was cut by then and will continue my healthy hair journey. 

If you are afraid to cut your hair, a word of advise.  Our hair grows at an average rate of 1/2 and inch per month.  By keeping your hair in good condition,  no heat, using protective styling, and hair handling techniques that minimize breakage, you will retain all of the growth you get each month without fail making hair cutting an unnecessary step in your regimen every 6-8 weeks.  Make health your focus before length and the length you desire will be effortless.  Continued blessings to all!




  1. My goal isto have healthy hair I don't use heat at all, but I dodesire to grow my hair long! Can you offer any suggestions?

  2. I am impressed how good you did at cutting your own hair. It looks beautiful!

  3. @Cleopatra...Yes your hair is going to grow regardless unless you have health issues...assuming you dont, make your goal length a reasonable one. Like I wrote in the article, our hair grows half an inch per month, thats a total of 6 inches per year. The fact you opt for heat free hair care will definitely work to your advantage since split ends will not be an issue. Knots may be an issue so to avoid having to cut your hair due to knotting ends keep your hair detangled at all times. I even co-wash with my hair in twists so detangling is a breeze. Protective styling is a must if length retention is your focus. Twists, braids without extentions,loose buns...are just a few styling options. I'll be posting plenty of protective styling options. Styles that omit daily combing and brushing will be my focus. Thank you for reading!

  4. @ My.3.Gurlz.With.Kurlz...Thank you for the kind comments. I have been taking care of my own hair for years, even before I decided to give up heat and keep my hair in its natural state. Im a natural hair stylist so my motto is and Im very serious about this...if I cant care for my own hair I cant care for anyone elses! So,I did it! Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow - you did an excellent job cutting - your hair looks great :o) I just did another big chop myself and still need a shape up - lol

  6. Thank you Laquita...I just love a fresh cut head of hair. My ends look so healthy and the texture is so much more defined. If you live in the DFW metroplex hit me up and I will hook you up! =) Blessings!

  7. Looking forward to the protective styles without combing and brushing!