Friday, May 6, 2011

2 Week Protective: No brush, No comb

Keeping the same style for 14 days without using a comb or a brush (just my baby hair tooth brush =)...and still having a cute style the entire time was easy.  I put in the smallest set of mini twists my hair could stand.  Due to the looser texture around the perimeter of my head I have to make them a bit larger or they wont stay twisted.  I put them in 4/23 and the photo below is how they looked like after 3 days.  I wonder if Im the only one who thinks their twists look better as they get older?

...this is how they looked at 10 days old...

Not much of a difference right?  To keep my twists looking frizz free and elongated I wrap them up at night just like one would wrap flat ironed hair, secure with duck bills and spray my mix of water, Knot Today, and afew drops of Rosemary essential for moisture.  In the morning I'd unwrap, curl the ends back up by spaying my moisturinzing spray on and some organic coconut oil and keep it movin' gets no easier!
Yesterday, I realized it was time to take them down.  The frizz had taken over from not wrapping the twists last few nights after my moisture regimen and my kynxx began shrinking.  This is why my twist out looks much shorter then the pics above...can't stop the draw up!

I didnt want to wear it out today and decided to bun it secured with my chop sticks which I LUV!  They work and I dont have to use rubber bands or anything to secure my buns that could cause damage.

I'll keep posting styles each week or bi-weekly depending on the style that can be worn at least one week without using a brush or a comb, and STILL look cute!


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