Friday, May 13, 2011

Henna Day

In the previous LMK post I discussed 3 types of Ayurvedic conditioning hair coloring powders.  My preference is Henna solely due to not using the other two types.  I was due for a henna treatment a few days prior to Mother's Day and thought I would share my monthly henna day routine.

I gather all my things first.  Nupur henna, henna bowl (used only for henna mixing), conditioner, a very concentrated oil blend of Organic EVOO, Organic Coconut Oil, Rosemary and Lavender essential oils, purified water.

I added the remaining oil concentrate to the henna with an additional 1/2 cup of Organic EVOO shown in photo below.

I added the remaining portion of my Hello Hydrations Conditioner to my mix for the first time.  I wanted to try the henna gloss style application this time for additional moisturizing.  I added remainder of the bottle which is marked at the blue line on this photo.

I applied henna the paste to my hair dry.   I had just taken out the twists I'd worn for 2 weeks prior to this treatment.  Since the parts were already set it made it much easier to apply after a brief finger detangle to my knyxx.  I couldn't believe how my hair managed to stay almost completely tangle free after 14 days.  I contribute it to the Knot Today by Kinky Curly I use.
The color of the henna once mixed with water will be green and turn to a brown color as the dye releases in the paste.  I allow the henna to sit 2 hours at least prior to application.

Once I'm ready to apply the henna (notice the color change in photo on the right)  to my hair I gathered the gloves I will need to protect my hands from discoloring. During my last trip to the beauty supply store I found ear protectors for $1...hope they work!
Henna applications can be a bit messy for me so I always put a sheet over my counter top to protect it from henna stains. I also have a dark colored tee-shirt I wear when I henna.  I section my hair into quads and apply with gloved hands.  Sometimes I use the application brush on the roots to ensure complete coverage.  Very important I make sure the roots of my hair are saturated with henna, this is where it is most beneficial for my growing kynxx.
Once my hair is covered with henna, I use the remaining amount to go back over each section and ensure my hair and ends are saturated with the henna paste.  I also decided not to throw away the remaining henna. I put it in a glass container and froze it (advice given to me by a fellow henna luving natural Tweeter) for my next henna day.
I'm getting better at this!  Much less mess compared to my first time using henna.

Time to wrap it up! I use plastic Cling Wrap to ensure the henna will not run down my clothes or stain my pillow case when I lay down. If I keep the top of the head open I'll get a less intense color. 

I give those $1 ear protectors 2 BIG thumbs up!! 


It took a total of 12 minutes to rinse the henna from my scalp and hair.  I rinsed using as cool as I could stand water temperature until the water ran semi clear and I didn't feel any excess henna.  I generously applied my fave co-wash detangling conditioner VO5 to my hair, finger combing to detangle, left on for about 3 minutes and rinsed. 

Henna all gone!...I just luv my kynxx after a fresh curls have some hang time, at least temporarily.

Healthy Roots! Strong Roots! Clean hair and scalp without using shampoo at all!

Deep conditioning time.  I use Organic Root Stimulator's Replenishing Moisturizing Conditioner aka ORS Replenishing Pak.  This is the only conditioner Ive used following a henna treatment that restores my hairs moisture in the same day.  My kynxx absolutely luv it.

This is all the product I use on my entire head.  A little goes a long way.  I walked around doing chores, cooking and even took a nap in my baggie.  After 2 hours of  heat free deep conditioning
I rinsed the conditioner from my hair.

My kynxx have returned to their normal shrunken selves!

Now the fun begins! Time to get my style on....
I two-strand twist my hair using my staples Knot Today and a very small amount of Curling Custard on my ends for added curl definition.  I secure the base of each twist down with a metal clip  This helps reduce bulky roots caused by inevitable shrinkage. 
Off to bed I go...after wrapping my twists with a satin scarf.

My style of choice is a Twist-Out Up-Do...Look at that shine, shine, shine!

I really do Luv My Kynxx!



  1. beautiful. especially that up do. I wish I could do something like that

  2. Sweet Mwah thank you. Its really easy, just twisted over night, untwisted the next morning and pinned it up!

  3. So beautiful :) Love your blog.

  4. HOw often can the henna be used ??

    1. Henna can be used as often as you like however it can be drying and works similar too an intense protein treatment so you MUST follow with a good moisturizng conditioner. I use it every 4-6 weeks to keep my hair strong and keep excessive hair fall in check.

  5. Did your hair come out as bright as seen in the previous picture?

  6. Where do you get your Nupur henna from? I have one box left of the henna that I was using and want to try the Nupur because of the ayurvedic powders in it.