Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Naturally Gray~ceful

"It is not by the gray of the hair that one knows the age of the heart."
~Robert Lytton

The beauty and appreciation for natural hair can be developed at infancy and continue throughout a lifetime.  I feel overwhelming joy when I see other naturals regardless of their age.  One of the things I really luv hearing are Naturalistas who decided to go natural entering into or after age 40.  New to natural women are now convincing their mother's to embrace their beautifully textured kynxx.  Lately I've noticed their stories on blogs and vlogs more then ever.  It takes courage to make change especially when "lye" has been embedded in their views of beautiful hair being straight hair, much longer then younger transitioning naturals in their 20's.

 I was looking in the mirror recently and spotted a bright red hair in the front of my head.  I knew right away it was a gray hair that was dyed red during my last henna treatment.  It looks pretty, kind of like a highlight.  It also got me to thinking about what I will do when my hair really begins to turn gray.

Henna and Indigo will be an option but I'm really not sure if I want to cover my gray.  I love seeing women with long beautiful gray hair, relaxed or natural, regardless of their race.  Always have.  My apprehension about dying comes from knowing if I did choose to want to go gray I would have to let my hair grow all the way out again.  Now that I've learned the benefits of Cassia on gray hair I can switch from using Henna as an option as well to prevent having to grow the color out.  I hope I have awhile to make up my mind.

This is Dedicated to all the beautiful Naturalistas rocking their Natural Hair, Gracefully!

This is me for sure...Naturalista for Life!

Beautiful Camille Cosby

Not sure who she is, I just admire beauty when I see it...

Elegant natural styles for every age...

Gorgeous Lena Horne (RIP)

Angela Davis...luv those ringlets!

The Devine, Alice Walker.  She cut her locs and kept the grey, luv it!

Italian Vogue featured 45-year-old supermodel Kristen McMenamy rockin' the gray fabulously!

This is fierce!

...sooner or later Me....hopefully later :^)

I think the coppery~ auburn~ reddish color (not sure how to describe it) is pretty...



  1. This is very inspirational! Thanks for posting this for us Amber!

  2. I love this! Absolutely beautiful