Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave~In Conditioner

This is the photograph that led me to meeting the owner of the product that has now become my new shampoo and staple moisturizing sealant.  Padrica Norfleet owner of Naturalista Cosmetics offered to send me a few items from her Naturalista Cosmetics product line, after using this photo on her site not realizing that it belonged to a Facebook friend of hers, me.  When I reached out to her about it she was sweet, and honest about getting it off a Google image search of natural hair.  I appreciated her prompt attention to my concerns....True Sisterhood!

Within 3 days after Padrica told me she was sending items from her product line, I received email confirmation that the items where paid for and would be shipped within the next 3-4 business days.  I appreciate the quick service.

Packaging is important in making a first impression on any product in my opinion.  Luv the pink!  Naturalista Cosmetics shipped two bars of their African Black Soap shampoo bars and one jar of Juicy Leave-In Conditioner.  In the package I received a Thank You note and some candies...nice touch!

I hadn't washed my hair with shampoo in 5 months.  I've been saying until I find a shampoo that makes my hair feel the same as it does following a co-wash I'm good, if it aint broke, you know the rest.

Well I found my new shampoo in Naturalista Cosmetics African Black Shampoo Bar!  I was surprised at how easy it was to break in half.  I didn't smell a scent which is fine with me.  I prefer unscented over one I don't like.

Here are a few pics just following a wash with the Shampoo Bar:

 Looked and felt just like a fresh co-wash although it was squeaky clean and my skin felt soft and rinsed extra clean, used it all over...that's what I'm talkin about!
Now for the Juicy...I just luv this stuff!  I was a bit hesitant when I received the products and saw the leave in was a Shea butter based product.  Shea Butter is a wonderful sealant, however on my hair, it takes days to wash out was too heavy and that was when I was using shampoo so I stayed away from Shea Buttery type products in fear I wouldn't be able to easily co-wash them out of my hair.  I found the perfect one.

I started with clean hair as shown above and finger parted non uniform 2 inch sections of hair all around my head and two-strand twisted all of it. 

I luv'd the texture...very much like whipped butter or a souffle no need to emulsify this in your hands before you can apply. It was light and the scent is wonderful to me, a combination of natural goodness.

I applied "the Juice" on my hair while it was soaking wet to ensure the most moisture sealing I could get.  I was excited to see how my kynxx were going to react to the Shea.

Got the edges laid down, luv it! Time to wrap and go to bed!

I want to share why I luv this product now...

I re twisted for added stretch to my kynxx.  I lightly sprayed each twist (15-20) with water and applied more Juicy to my ends only.  After Sunday night I have not needed to  apply any more of this product and my hair has stayed moisturized, shiny, baby soft, and detangled.

I pineapple'd over night to keep the twist out from frizzing overnight and wrapped my edges with a satin scarf.  No water no product needed.

Tuesday...still shiny soft and moisturized...I honestly still cant believe it.

Needless to say I  recommend Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave- In to use as a moisturizer sealant.  I can attest through days of results this product is the truth.  I plan on including it as a staple moving forward.  I've been a Kinky Curly user, and still am, however the light feeling of my twist  outs blowing in the wind was great, and I still get the same definition I would when using a custard, gel or milk type product but the moisture lasts longer.    I just co-washed my hair prior to this post with Vo5 and the Juicy Leave In rinsed clean and easy without the residue Raw Shea butter leaves on my hair...that was the final test for me...I'm in luv. 



  1. your hair looks so shiny and pretty...I think Padrica is my FB friend too, Ill have to go check out her products


  2. Your hair is gorgeous! I like what I have tried of Padrica's products also, I have used the Phd spray and the aloe flax gel, I liked them both. I can't wait to try to Juicy leave in.

  3. Thank you VelvetBox, sweet, and thanks for the follow on Twitter as well...I followed you back! Im trying the PhD spray next.

  4. Aye. . You woman might not think a male would be intersted in the product but im intersted. I recently was informed by my friend that this product is good for natural hair. I'm wanting to grow my hair medium i want to bring out the curly but medium length of my hair. Would this program be go for that? when will i apply intersted in the product but im intersted. I recently was informed by my friend that

  5. Hi Kiddi17...thank you very much for commenting. This product would be good for you if you want to keep it moisturized so it will not be dry and break off. You should put this on your hair after you wash or just wet it with water only. You can then braid or twist it. ~Kynxx

  6. I am going to do my first order of this product... I have heard so many great things about it... Amber you hair is always beautiful...