Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ayurveda for Hair: Reetha, Shikakai, Amla, & Brahmi

Reetha Powder: Sapindus Trifolat
For naturals who prefer a no~ poo approach to cleansing, Reetha Powder is a great 100% natural alternative. Reetha powder gives a sheen to natural color, a silky touch to hair, removes extra oil from hair, adds body to hair, and revitalizes the texture. Reetha actually lathers when the powder is mixed with water. I have used this powder twice. Both times the cleansing was followed with deep conditionting. I stopped using Reetha early on into developing my Ayurvedic regimen as I felt it was not a necessary step. The Henna brand I use already has Reetha and I prefer to wash my hair moving forward no more than 4 times per year unless I need to remove a product that is not easily removed with co~washing.

Reetha is often used in conjuction with Shikakai. Both are cleansing Ayurvedic powders and help rid the scalp of excessive and potentially harmful sebum build up. One important part of growing healthy hair is ensuring your hair care regimen includes scalp care. I have never had flaking but I have had my bout with dry scalp issues. I've been following an Ayurvedic regimen for a full year and my scalp is in excellent condition. I can see each strand growing in thick and strong and I'm confident in attributing its health to using Ayurvedic powders. All are applied directly on the scalp to the tip of the hair strand aside from Reetha which I focus on my scalp only due to the drying affect it had on my kynxx.  

Shikakai (Acacia Concinna)
Shikakai Powder

Shikakai is a mild natural cleanser that doesn't strip away the natural oils from the hair. It has a low pH and is widely used as a shampoo for  hair.  Those who have sensative skin will stand to benefit from the use of Shikakai as well.  Here are some benefits of shikakai powder for the hair:
natural cleanser for the hair
conditions the hair
promotes hair growth
prevents dandruff
strengthens the hair roots
cleans the scalp
rejuvenates the hair
creates shine
creates body
detangles the hair (not my kynxx)
prevents dry scalp
cools the scalp

Like I stated before the Henna brand I use has Shikakai powder in it. I belive it helps make the rinsing process much easier in comparison to other brands of Henna I've used.

Vadik Herbs/Baazar of India Amla Oil Contains NO MINERAL OIL
 In between Henna treatments I deep condition with an Amla and Brahmi Powder mix. I incorporate 2 other Ayurvedic powders into my regimen as well and have been for a year now. I used to mix Shikakai in with the other two powders however I stopped adding it to the Brahmi/Amla mix.  I didnt see any difference by adding it or omitting it from the mix.  My hair is stronger and I get much less hair fall since I first began using Brahmi and Amla.  I first started using oils by Dabur Brand of both Brahmi and Amla and soon after learned they both contain high amounts of mineral oil.  I recently found a mineral oil free Amla Oil by Vadik Herbs  for those who prefer the ease of oiling their hair over making a paste and going through the process of applying it.  Instead of mineral oil the "hair conditioning formula" is infused with seasame oil.  At this point I have no desire to change, I prefer powders. 

 To read the benefits and view a pictorial on how the treatment is done, you may...


  1. Love your blog this is the most comprehensive information I've found on Ayurveda for black Hair. Thanks for posting!

  2. Awesome...I'm glad you found it helpful Sis!! Thank you.

  3. what is your complete hair regimin and what are the exact products you use if you dont mind. Thanks