Wednesday, June 29, 2011

July 1st...40~Day Yoga Challenge!

"In 40 days, you can create a whole new way of being.
Yogic science confirms that it takes 40 days to fully develop a new life-promoting habit or to drop a current destructive habit. The Yoga Challenge is a great way to strengthen the body, unburden the mind, and begin a daily commitment to yourself."

July 1st I am beginning 2 growth challenges, hair growth and personal/physical growth. I'm going to journal not only my hair health and growth here on LMK, moving forward I'll be including a link to the Tumblr journal I created, [Prana] for participants with information on how to begin practicing Yoga* for beginners like myself and chart my progress.  I will share what I learn on "Prana" using it was a personal blog for self inspiration in hopes it will inspire readers/viewers as well.

Why Yoga? Christmas 2008 I was given a 90 day gift certificate to a Yoga studio in Beaumont, TX.  I immediately fell in love with the way my body felt and the flexibility I'd accomplished.  My life felt more balanced as well.  My love for yoga has never gone away, only the motivation to continue.  This time my goal is incorporating yoga into my daily living, permanently.  I began yoga with the intention of gaining a lean and flexible frame and soon found the mental benefits meditation and yoga inadvertently had on my perceptions of daily living.  It also became something my children wanted to see me pursue and my youngest who was only three years old at the time also immediately became enthused to grab the mat and work out along with me at home.  He still does yoga to this day on his own by looking at poses in our collection of Yoga Journal magazines.  He inspires me as well.

40 Day Yoga Challenge

You can begin this challenge at any time.  The most important part of this challenge is committing ourselves to the full 40 days and incorporating healthy eating habits into our diets if improvement is needed in that area.  ONLY PRACTICE YOGA ON AN EMPTY STOMACH ,3 HRS OR MORE AFTER EATING A MEAL.

  • Practice twice daily for 6 days per week, preferably in the morning before sun rise and again in the evening prior to going to bed at night.  You can begin with [Sun Salutations Video]  in the morning and [Moon Salutations Video]  in the evening.  I will and I encourage you to commit to practing both salutations daily, along with your personal practices built on what you are feeling at the present moment and what you wish to take from the days practice.  Both are a form of Vinyasa yoga which is done in the form of flowing from one pose to the next in a sequences.  If you are not familiar with how to perform the Sun Salutations or Moon Salutations the links above are two videos you can learn them from. Remember practice makes perfect! 

Helpful Hints: Sun Salutation is a yoga sequence of poses (asana) that stretches 90-95% of our body’s muscles. Most of us who are not active daily only stretch 30-35% of body muscles. Sun Salutation should be performed early in the morning at sun rise (empty stomach). If you want to reduce weight, initially start with three rounds, gradually increase daily to reach the maximum of your capacity.   

 A moon salutation is less stimulating than a sun salutation. This sequence takes you more inward and is more suitable to do in the evenings, just before bed. It moves stresses from your head, focusing on the body and makes you aware and present in a relaxed way, so you can fall asleep aware of the present and relaxed. Try to do three complete rounds of Moon Salutations before bed and build your way up.  The purpose of this sequence is to relax your mind.  It is essential to do long slow yoga breathing or you will become winded and tired.

  • Start a Journal.  Each day write down foods you ate for that day and your overall emotional state of well being prior to your yoga session and after. Another great way to journal your yoga challenge would be to start a blog or Tumblr to document your successes and challenges along the way. If you opt to blog your challenge or start a tumblr blog be sure to post the link [Here on Kynxx Facebook Page] page so all participants including myself can follow you.  I find being honest about how you feel good or not so good, is not only helpful to yourself, other people will also become inspired to do the same. I will post links to healthy eating websites to get recipes and meal ideas for those who may want a little help with learning how to cook healthier meals, like myself =)

  • Drink a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day...that's a total of 64 oz or half a gallon of water per day.

  • Select at least 1 yoga pose to master within the 40 days and post pics weekly of your progress and your childrens progress if they are participating as well.  Examples along with information on benefits and anatomical focus included in each pose link: [Choose a pose Here] be sure to read the anotomical focus of each one and the benefits so you know which ones will be most beneficial for you. Examples:         [Tree pose][Warrior I] [Warrior II], [Lotus pose], [Downward Facing Dog], [Monkey pose]

  • Begin meditation.  This may be challenging to anyone who has never tried meditation before, or even those like myself who make daily attempts yet the mind chatters after 45 seconds =).  Quieting the mind is controllable and with daily practice it can be achieved. [How to Meditate for Beginners]

  • Support, support, support!  This is very helpful to sticking to any type of habit change.  I am here for you, just remember I am a beginner too so if you have a question allow me some time to respond if I dont know the answer right away.  If you happen to come across this challenge and you are a more experienced yogi, any advise you can offer will be greatly appreciated.  If you need to contact me for any reason send an email to or post questions on [Kynxx~Natural Stylez by Amber] to get support from other participates. 
  • Yoga Mat or Thick Towel
  • Non~restrictive clothing
  • Yoga Blocks and/or Strap (optional) 
  • Water Bottle
  • A Journal and pen
  • Get familiar with [Yoga Journal Basics] and [Yoga Sequence Builder] on
  • Stop Watch or Cell phone with one
  • A Camera
  • Upload your photos [HERE] for the weekly check-in every Friday/Saturday beginning Friday, July 1st through Tuesday, August 9th
Lack of motivation is what usually causes me to revert to old behaviors I want to rid myself of.  This is why I'm inviting you to start the 40~Day Yoga Challenge along with me.  I encourge beginners to yoga to sign up and take classes at a studio at least once per week.  This way you can get help with proper body aligning with poses to ensure you dont cause injury.  One small seemingly insignificant change in the way you move your body can mean a world of difference in the postures effectiveness.  Yoga Journal is a great place for beginners to build a home practice and to learn about poses and what the benefits of each of them bring. As I mentioned get familiar with the two links provided above.  Epecially the sequence builder.  This is a wonderful tool to help customize your practice by making it an expression of what is alive in you now at present and the practice will help you stay present during your time on the mat.  You will be more likely to be motivated and want to practice the next day.  "If you force yourself to practice because you think you should, because you didn't yesterday, or for any other more external reason, even the most technically polished poses will not answer your inner need for ease and wholeness." ~YJ.  If you desire to change your mind and change your body I welcome you to join me and I encourage everyone with children to allow them to participate with you.  ~Namaste.

The gesture Namaste represents the belief that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgment of the soul in one by the soul in another. "Nama" means bow, "as" means I, and "te" means you. Therefore, Namaste literally means "bow me you" or "I bow to you."~Aadil Palkhivala

    *please seek medical advice before beginning any physical workout plan.


  1. I did my am yoga and I feel great!!! Thanks for this 40 day challenge!

  2. Awesome Georgette!! So glad to have you participate..dont forget to stop by my tumblr journal if you have questions to ask or if you just need some Yogini inspiration! I appreciate you Sis! Thank you.

  3. On day 40 of my challenge. Such an awesome feeling!!! 11 pounds lighter, abs a little tighter and my hair is shorter. (sorry, had to cut it, it was 113 degrees. Thanks for the idea. It has been a blast!!!