Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st...Hair Growth/Retention Challenge

GROWTH! Most of us strive for it in some form or another be it spiritual, mental, and/or physical.  This challenge will focus on hair growth.  In months to come, my focus will be on how to retain  length by protecting my ends, while ensuring new hair grows in healthy and full.   Here is a comparison  shot just after cutting the last bit of heat damage from my hair.  Even though this isnt a stretch the hair comparison I can clearly see the 1.5 inches of growth over this past 3 months:


There are quite a few hair styles that do not require the use of heat styling.  Over the last year my hair has truly thrived and continues to just from eliminating heat from my hair care regimen.  Some naturals who have grown their hair to BSL and beyond contribute their growth to keeping the hair stretched to the ends or from blowing the hair dry prior to styling.  One issue I've had this past month that ignited this growth journey was wearing my hair out and getting single strand knots :(  There is no product on the market that I know of, that will stop this from happening.  I realize for me to stop them at this point I have to change my styling habits.  I  moisturize before bed, sleep with a satin scarf, and take my time detangling only when in the shower and still...those menacing little knots!!
The Challenge

  • You commit to post a start up photo on the [Facebook page Kynxx~Natural Stylez by Amber] (you will need to "like" the page in order to do so) along with your hair goals, where you would like for your hair length to be in 6 months.
  • You commit to keeping your hair in a style that requires no manipulation for a minimum of 7 days.
  • You commit to wearing protective styling options: Two~Strand Twists (mini, medium, or chunky), Loose Buns, Box Braids, Cornrows, Bantu Knots, Yarn Twists, Yarn Braids, Comb Coils, French Braids, and Sew~In weaves (must post before install pic and again after take down), Wigs and Twist Out or Braid Out updos with ends tucked away. (if you think of anything else I can add it to this list of options)
  • You commit to post your cleansing, deep conditoning, and styling regimen for the week or longer and your style of choice, photos are optional.  My DC day is Thurs or Friday.  You may post on any day as long as you clarify that it is your DC day, the products or mixes you will use and the style you intend to wear. (Purpose is for motivation for yourself and helpful to others, like myself.) =)
  • You must post a montly comparison shot from the previous month [Here].  For instance,  August 1st you will need to post your photo from July1st, along with your current photo.  If you start the challenge after July 1st be sure you post the comparison photo the exact same day of the month, as the previous.
  • You commit to providing support, support, support!!!  We will be engaged in this together until New Years Day 2012.  By posting your photos and listing your haircare and styling regimen you will be greatly appreciated by myself and  I am certain by other Beautifulz who need advice and that extra push to keep caring for their hair and focus on achieving hair goals.
  • Every week I will post homemade natural hair care recipes for those who need help with healthy hair care practices.    I will post inspirational photos to remind those of us who need to be to be reminded to keep your eyes on the prize.

Happy Hair Growing Beautifulz!!


  1. This sounds awesome... Hopefully I can commit!

  2. Hey Brittany You CAN do it!!! Im here for you along with many other Sistah's eager to show their support who are sharing this journey with you. I'll be anticipating that photo posted on Kynxx page soon,k ;)
    (sorry I have to respond anonyous, Google needs to get it togther,smh)...

  3. Awesome,I've been looking for a 6 month challenege to follow:)