Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Protective: Banana Clip Twisted Up~Do

Now that the growth challenge has begun, is is imperative for me to find styles I won't get bored with and end up taking it down.  I get so tempted to change up styles and part of the requirement in this challenge is for me to keep my hair in the same style for a minimum of 7 days.  Easier said then done.  At least for me.  I guess that's the stylist in me.  YouTube will now be used in moderation.  With all of those beautiful and talented Naturalistas styling their hair...I see, I like, I want.  So instead of feeling like a lion with fresh meat dangling in my face unable to devour, I'm going to cut down on watching YouTube for awhile and only log in, on an inspiration as needed basis.

 I visited another Naturalistas blog and she had the cutest up~do styled using a banana clip.  I thought I'd give it a try. I came up with this style after shopping for accessories, remembered the photo in the blog and thought I'd try.  I got a few requests on how I achieved this look so here it is.  I didn't take pics until AFTER the style was already done.  I'm showing the steps with it already in place....

When I originally styled it was done on microfiber towel dried hair.  I brushed my hair as if I were going to put it in a ponytail and used a clip like the one above.  I've used banana clips before but never one as comfortable and curly hair friendly as these.  I was wearing the black one so the one above is to show a close up.  My hair never got tangled in the clasp!

I only use the Knot Today in my water bottle mix.  The custard was used to slick the hair down and hold the style.  One thing about this product I love is the way it reactivates with water.  If it needs refreshing just spray with water and my style looks like new.  This is why I luv using it on my twists.

The photos show step by step how I maintained and what products I used to keep my hair moisturized during the 5 days I wore this style.

After my hair was inside of the clip I added a genorous amount of Juicy Leave-In to the hair in the back and began twisting it in large chunky sections.  I used the closed eneded bobby pins to secure the twists to my head and open ended to place the twists where I wanted them to be.  The Du-rag didn't stay in place (thank goodness for satin pillow cases). I took the picture as soon as I woke up.  The last 3 are how my hair looked after taking the Du-rag off.  I repeated this every night and only used the Juicy during the initial styling.  I put the oil blend (evoo, organic coconut oil, Castor oil, w/ Rosemary and Lavender essentials) in my hair every night directly to my scalp with the nozzle after spraying it with the water bottle mix w/ Knot Today by Kinky Curly.  I also put a little of the oil blend in my hand and applied it to the sides and edges, and twisted puff. 

 This is how my hair looked each day from Sunday morning to Thursday night which is my entire work week.  I never had to get up and wonder what I was gonna do to it. 



By this day I realized I was on to something and posted the photo on Facebook showing the update on the style...this is when I was asked to show how I maintained the style for 2 days...

This was the day following the tutorial when I woke up and my Durag was partially off of my head...

The puff was much frizzier then from day one but it was still looking presentable.
I could have worn this another day or so...I was just anxious to wash it and look forward to deep conditioning on my off day ;0)...



  1. your hair looks beautiful as usual! Thanks for the pictorial.

  2. Wow it seemed the older it got, the even more radiant it looked! You really treated this style with royalty. I love it!

  3. Love the style! I need to get some banana clips for my hair to see for myself. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. You're welcome Carla and thank you for taking the time to read and comment. ~Kynxx

  5. Where did you get that banana clip? It's nearly as lovely as your hair.

  6. I purchased the clip at a local beauty supply store. It was only $1. Thank you for the compliment Sis.

  7. I could probably go swimming on the waves in your hair!!! Beautiful hair. love the tutorial and pics!!!!!