Friday, August 26, 2011

Bentonite Clay~ Hair Detox

The photo of my hair above is how it looked just prior to the treatment. My hair has been so neglected and I feel like someone should have called hair protective services on me ;o). It was dry as the Sahara which was all my fault for not using a moisturizer daily in this triple digit heat.
I know...I must be one of the only Naturalistas that hadn't tried a Bentonite Clay treatment on my hair.  Well, I have now and here is Kynxx contribution on how it worked for me!

After reading a number of blogs and watching videos I decided to go with MopTopMavens tutorial.  I love her hair and admire her contribution to helping us grow longer healthier hair.  So many journeys I see start from transitioning from relaxers and its refreshing for me to see someone who had a journey similar to mine recovering from heat damage.
I gathered everything I would need to mix the clay.
Like MopTopMaven I added Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera (pure refrigerated gel form) to the mix.


I was very fortunate a client of mine, Rebecca Jones, gave me a bowl of bentonite clay powder she purchased online for me to try. I recently purchased some from Whole Foods but I really wanted to compare to see if there were any differences in the two. One of the main differences was the consistency of the clay. This one mixed up without any lumps and I didn't have to use anything but hand mix with my wooden spoon. Another difference was the color, this one was grey and the brand I'd gotten from Whole Foods was more off white.  The smooth texture made it so easy to apply.  This was much easier and less mess then when I apply henna.
I co-washed first using VO5 conditioner.  I noticed MopTopMaven applied hers to dry hair but I wouldn't have been able to part it to apply the clay without it being detangled.

I separated front half from the back...

Starting from the back I applied the clay from root to end.

I took heed to make sure the clay didn't dry on my hair only leaving it on for 20 minutes.  This is actually perfect because unlike Henna I can do this treatment without it taking up most of my day or needing to sleep in it if I don't have enough time in my day. 

I took a cold shower and rinsed the clay from my hair and scalp.  It didn't take very long to get it all out.  I could tell right away all of the impurities and any remaining product build up had been removed from the process.  My strands were so clean they just stood one on top of the other instead of lying beside each other.  I could tell the difference in the way my hair not only looked but felt after my deep conditioner was applied and rinsed after 45 minutes, no heat.

There are a few things I want to note.  Adding the ACV to the bentonite clay powder and the Aloe Vera gel may have aided in the fact the texture was much more smooth then the clay I used for my facial.  Also, my conditioner that I have used now for over a year, had even better results then it does when I normally use it without detoxing first.  Since this is such a time friendly treatment and can be used as often as I like, I will be adding this step moving forward prior to at least every other deep conditioning. I just feel without any build up the conditioners have a much better chance of offering better results.



  1. Did it clog your shower drain or did it rinse away smooth? I've never done it before and would like to try it

  2. Nope! didnt clog it one bit. The clay rinsed away soooo smooth. Im used to henna so whenever I do paste type treatments like this I always compare them to the JOB it takes to henna my hair. What I like is that it is really in expensive. This is the type of treatment that will make your product results turn out even better because the hair is free from other elements that can potentially change the results you get. I really love it! ~Kynxx

  3. It looks very good. I have heard nothing but great things about this clay. I am interested in giving this a try!

  4. What brand of clay did you use (that your client gave you)?

    1. The clay was purchased from a company called Camden Gray.