Monday, August 8, 2011

Protective Styling & Hair Shed (How much is too much?)


Protective styling is a must for me this summer.  Wash n' go's I normally look forward to wearing during summer months is no longer an option with temperatures in my city soaring well above 100 for the past 30 days plus.   Week before last, I styled my hair in cornrows, leaving them 2 weeks.  The style lasted 14 days and I could have kept them in for another week had I not gone swimming. One of the issues that comes along with wearing a non manipulation protective for an extended period of time is that once you do take it down, you will shed all of the hair you would have lost during daily styling, all at one time.  For me this can be overwhelming, especially since I've had my bout with excessive hair fall in the past.  I dont like seeing so much hair being shed from my head all at once.

On average its is said the normal hair loss to expect each day is between 50-100 strands. This means I should shed at max, 1,400 strands (goosebumps). I wouldn't even know what 1,400 strands of shed hair look like to assess if my own hair is shed at a normal rate. I took a photo of the hair I lost during my, one week protective and compared it to the protective worn and the hair shed after 14 days. 

14 days off  hair loss...a bit much.

Bundle on left after 14 days of wearing braids...Bundle on right hair loss during detangle of another protective I wore for only 7 days.  Seems my hair loss MORE than doubled.
 I spread the larger ball of shed hair apart to show the volume. To me, this is excessive and I will be returning to my monthly Henna treatments ASAP!

These were my braids following the swim.  I washed my hair while still braided with black soap and clarified with a lime juice and water rinse. My braids were frizzed out once they dried so I just took them down.  I'm going to continue to save my hair bundles for comparisons so I can accurately measure my standard hair loss rate. 



  1. Thank you for posting a picture. I also loose about that much hair so it is reassuring that this is normal even though scary! You have beautiful hair! I recently posted a picture of my shedding on my blog too. Til next time!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment Ms CaramelHoneyB. My reason for posting was in hopes others would be able to as well. Im going to check out your blog as well Sis...til next time! ~Kynxx

  3. Thank you for posting this. I searched excessive hair shedding after protective hair styles and this came up. I'm very thankful that you posted this because I makes me feel so much better. I had faux locs in for two months and the amount if hair that was coming out really scared me and stressed me out. I've never really rocked too much protective styles so I wasn't use to thus experience and I'm trying to go completely natural so. But yes I had a huge clump of hair as I was taking my hair down and another huge clump when I detagled. I was so worried that my hair was reacting bad or maybe my hair was falling out! Thank you again.