Saturday, October 8, 2011

MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask

I have been using the same deep conditioner, Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing, for a little over a year now.  I recently visited a friends home, we got to talking about hair care (the usual topic when we meet up) and she mentioned she's been using a product called Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask. I was shocked at the price she told me she paid for it, $40 for 8.5 oz,  I had a ton of  questions once I heard that.  She gave me some to try and my first thought was that it better be the bomb for $40.  One thing I've learned is an expensive price tag doesn't always mean my kynxx will love the product.  Well....I can honestly say in regards to my hair, it lived up to every penny!

This is how I wore my hair for the last 3 days.  I stretched it over the course of about 4 days by pulling it back into one plait and tucking the end, securing with a bobby pin, and sleeping with my scarf.  Boring, I know.  Its been about a month since my last bentonite treatment and I wanted to be sure my hair was clarified before I used the mask.  This way I felt nothing could alter the results if it were put on freshly clarified hair, the results would be the best the product could offer.

Bentonite clay is now a staple part of my hair care regimen.  I noticed the first time I used it on my hair, my deep conditioner performed so much better.  I left it on my hair for about half an hour to 45 minutes.  I could smell the conditioner through the plastic bag my friend put it in.  Smells divine!  More on the scent later...This was the amount given to me.  She mentioned that a little goes a long way and she gets 4-5 treatments per jar. Knowing that the price became a little more reasonable.

After the clay was rinsed my hair looked horrific.  It felt soft but it didn't look it and I had zero curl definition.  It was definitely clean and product free.

I put the product on my ends first and worked my way up.  For me conditioner works best on my lenths not scalp so I put it near but not on my scalp.  The second thing that won me over was the slippage and detangling factors.  ORS doesn't give my hair half the slip of the Moroccan Oil and it doesn't detangle the thick crown section of my hair.  This treatment melted to my kynxx like butter on hot bread!  I have never used a deep conditioner that detangled better than this or smelled better!  My kynxx absolutely loved it!

Before and curls felt so soft. The after photo is product free after the conditioner was washed out.  My hair was almost dry and my curls are clear and defined.  I figured my friend gave me about 2 oz.  It was the perfect amount and she was right it did go a very long way.  As soon as I put it on my hair it just slipped and slid right on through with my fingers.  If for no other reason then it's detangling factor, I'm SOLD.  I still think $40.00 is a bit much.  I could get 3-4 uses from one jar which will average out to be about $10 per treatment, not too bad.  I still have plenty of ORS so I wont be changing up just yet.  I'm extremely pleased with the results and the performance it did on my hair. 

 I styled my hair in mini twists last night.  I always wrap my twists to help them last longer and to give them stretch at the root.  When I took off my satin scarf this morning the scent was so strong. It was like I just put the Moroccan Oil on and was doing another treatment.  I was so impressed!! My twists have body and move like loose hair!  I give the MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask two thumbs hair adores it!!



  1. Your hair looks amazing. What do you use for your twists and how long do they last?? Thanks!!!

  2. I used my homemade flaxseed gel on these twists. My usual is Kinky Curly Curling Custard. Thank you so much ChiCurly1908! Im going to keep these in until November 3rd. ~Kynxx

  3. I love your twists! How do you wrap them? Like a doobie, or just a scarf laid over your twists? Thanks!

  4. Thank you...I wrap them as if Im wrapping straight hair pinning it down with large bobby pins as I go. I tie it down with a satin DuRag. ~Kynxx

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