Saturday, January 28, 2012

Deva Curl Product Review

November 2011 I won a gift set of  over $100.00 worth of Deva Curl products (including their signature tote and satin scarf) from giveaway I'd entered at the Nappiology Expo this past November...yes and just now using the products.  I read Curly Girls by Lorraine Massey over a year ago and posted a book review on it.  I'd been interested in applying the curly girl method as my go to hair care regimen but shortly after got board with wash n' go's and protective styling my hair up kicked in.  Since winning the gift set ( so happy I won FULL size bottles and not samples) and cutting my hair this month, I figured now is the best time for me to put my products to some use.

The very first time I tried these my kynxx just didn't agree with them at all. When I do product reviews I stay mindful that its never the products fault if I don't get the result I want.  Many factors come into play.  One, if I use it on dry or wet hair. Two, if I have product build up from other products I've used on my hair.  Three, the amount of product I use on my hair, and four, if I'm using them in the correct manner to get the result I want to see.  The first time I used them was on wet hair, just as in this review because Deva Curl line is meant to be used for wash n'go's to give more definition the curl pattern in kinky curly hair.  That much it did...buuuuuut ask for the final'll see. 

To be sure my unpleasant experience with the Deva Curl line wasn't due to previous product
build up, I cleaned and clarified my hair with Bentonite clay and ACV (apple cider vinegar).  The more I use ACV the more I'm getting used to the scent, it's an acquired scent for sure but still not one I like to smell.  [Click here to read and see application tutorial]

The clay treatment:

I towel dried with Microfiber to remove excess water making sure the product absorbed in each strand.
I never rub the towel against my hair, just pat it, hold the towel their for a few seconds until the excess water is absorbed.

Now for the Deva Curl products....

Moisture Lock

Eliminate frizz, add shine and enhance curls with this 24-48 hour moisture lock spray.

Suggested use: Mist on wet or dry hair. 
msrp $18.95

Ultra Creamy Daily Conditioner

This ultra creamy daily conditioner provides maximum hydration and is perfect for all curl types.

Suggested use: After cleansing, use fingertips to glide a generous amount through curls. Rinse. For extra hydration, reapply a small amount. Do not rinse. Follow with DevaCurl AnGel curl defining gel. 


Lavender Curl Revitalizer

A curl refresher and scalp rejuvenator infused with lavender that creates fresh and natural frizz free curls without the dehydrating effects of a dry shampoo.

Suggested use: Spray on dry hair, tilt head forward and scrunch curls in an upward motion. 
msrp: $18.95

Versatile Styler

This versatile styler provides maximum hold, texture, volume and styling control.

Suggested use: On wet hair, tilt head forward. Apply to palms and scrunch curls in an upward motion.
For extra volume, on dry hair, rub between palms and scrunch upward toward the scalp. On wet or dry hair, for root lift and support, apply product directly to scalp and massage with fingertips.
 msrp: $19.95

Curl Boost and Volumizer

A botanically enriched curl volumizer that enhances fullness and strength. Ideal for fine delicate curls.

Suggested use: Tilt head forward. Scrunch hair using upward motion to release excess water. Rub between palms and glide throughout hair.

msrp: $16.95/ 6oz Tube

Special thanks goes out to Angie Damiani of David Dalton Salon, Ft. Worth, TX

 First, I used Set It Free...I really wasn't sure which order the products are supposed to be used in.  The bottle doesn't specify but I figured since this one claimed to lock in moisture, I should use it first.

 A litte better definition but the back section of my hair that is more kynky didn't define at all.

 One Condition is very popular with Naturalistas.  The scent is similar to lemon, lime, citrus smell.  I liked it.  I applied a very generous amount to my entire head beginning with the back section of my hair, applying from root to tip. 

 One of the first things I LOVED about this stuff was the extreme amount of "slip" it provided.  Without using a comb (recommended) through out this entire process I was able to run all of my fingers through my curls without them getting caught up in my kynxx...loved it.

 As you can see, and again this could be my fault but both times I applied it, it left a white residue.  That didn't bother me because I've used products before that did the same.  I figured it would just dry clear.  My hair felt wonderful while it was wet, smelled great, and looked super shiny!

Plump and defined curls...just how I like it!

The Final Result

My hair looked great, curls were defined and hair shiny.  Only thing was it dried feeling stiff and sticky to the touch.  Could it be I used too much product?...Possibly. If you follow the CG method, and use Deva Curl products, advice would be helpful.  I have no intention in letting these products collect dust so I have to get it right!!



  1. I am curious about this too! I have the same problem. I'm very interested in getting some feedback as well.

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  3. Amber, So glad you are trying the products out. Based on the review and the stickiness factor, it is possible you used too much product. (I am thinking your may have left too much of the One Condition in your hair.) Using a good amount of the One Condition is great for working out any tangles and not; however, you may want to try cupping water in your hands and gently rinse out excess One Condition without removing all of it. Hair should feel like wet seaweed (wet and slimy - :)). Use the Set It Free last on dry hair to lock in the moisture. Just lightly spritz over your dry defined curls. Too much of this product will leave your hair feeling waxy - a little goes a long way. As for the Set Up & Above - try using it on wet hair to see what results you get. Rub a good amount between your hands, using a little water to break it down so you can coat your curls with it.

  4. I just wrote an entire paragraph on things to try with the product and lost the entire thing. Boohoo! :(

  5. Okay, with the One Condition, you may have used too much of it or left too much in your hair. You might try to rinse excess One Condition or work it in with some water. By cupping water in hands to rinse, you can avoid rinsing too much out, which is easy to do with strong water pressure. Try using the Set If Free on dry hair. Spritz a little over the top of your hair to lock in moisture. Using too much Set It Free can make hair free waxy and sticky. As for the Set Up & Above, grab between a quarter size and a palm full and break down in hands with some water and distribute through hair to coat curls. Set Up & Above can also be used as a palmade. Please let me know if any of these suggestion help or if you have any more questions. I would be happy to help.

  6. Hair looks great! I use the Deva system with amazing results every time. I start with the NoPoo which cleans AND detangled! Yea a shampoo that detangles! Then I generously apply OneC and finish with SetItFree. My hair comes out perfect! I did try to use SetItFree on 2nd day hair once and it was a sticky mess. I think it should be used on wet hair that has been drenched in OneC.

  7. Also in my crown area which is the frizziest I apply extra OneC which can make it a bit crunchy but I like it only because it eliminates the frizz in the process. A bit of coconut oil usually softens it up. So I would suggest just playing around with the amount of OneC you leave in. Good luck!

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  9. I just bought some for my daughter's hair and the salon said a couple of drops of oil mixed in with their gel-like feeling products could help with the crunchy feeling that may result when the hair has dried. My starter pack was mini sized No-Poo, On Condition, Moisture Lock and Light hold Gel (not sure the proper name). I bought the ultra hold gel to try as my daughter has quite tight coils and I am hoping to get more definition our of them, but I also bought a natural based oil blend to add to it hoping to attain that softness-fingers crossed! Your hair looks fantastic!

  10. This review was EXACTLY what I was looking for when I was searching for review on DevaCurl products. Thank you so much for so much informative information. Beautiful Hair and THANKS!!