Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Hair!

Happy New Year!!! I'm so excited grateful for the blessings I will continue to receive this year...thankful in advance, praying the same for all of you.  I remember bringing in the new year last year full of excitement and faithfully following through with my hair regimen weekly. As the last 4 months of the year approached my hair care routine was rarely being carried out.  The reason really doesn't matter, the fact is I didn't make the time.  That's a thing of past...no more lazy hair care.  No matter how many hair styles I am blessed to create, it's the care I give it that makes it flourish.  And even though I get compliments on my hair, I know when it's at it's best and I know need to step my hair care game up a few knotches.  

I'm bringing in the new year with a nice cut.  I started out by cutting an inch around my entire head while it was in its curly state but dry...curl by curl.  Just like the DevaChan method.  I'm not trained to cut that way but I watched over the past few months, others having it done on YouTube and figured I'd save $100.00 and do it myself.  The reason I chose this method is because I don't wear my hair straight so there is no need for me to cut it straight.  I styled it as I normally would as a wash n' go and let it dry without touching it.  Once it dried I separated the curls, and carefully cut my ends giving my bob a much better short in the front  rounded shape but even more than shape, my focus was to rid my tresses of all damaged ends. 

As you can see, the hair was cut curl by curl, not in clumps.  Each of those coils was an inch or more of hair.  It took me about an hour and a half to cut it but I am so happy I decided to try this method out.  There was much more cut but I took this shot to show exactly how each curl was cut and not sections of hair at one time.  I am not licensed to cut any one elses hair but I don't mind being my own guinea pig. ;o)

The Results:


The majority of my length was taken off of the very top crown of my head and the sides where my ears are.  Those parts of my hair are much looser of a curl then the very back of my head then it loosens again at the nape or just above my neck area.  I ended up cutting 2 inches from the front and sides and one inch in the back.  Because my hair was stretched from the wash n' go being 3 days old at the time of the cut, the photos to me dont show how short it really is...I'll be twisting it up to show just how much was cut...there's a pretty big difference, but the profound curl definition and easy detangled knot free ends make it worth loosing length...by April it will be where it was and the rest of the year I'll be focusing on keeping my ends moist, knot free, and healthy.
My kynxx with much thicker ends using Treseme' Naturals Silicone Free Conditioner
The majority of length was cut from the front, sides, and top of my head...these parts always seem to grow much faster because the curls are looser then in the back.
 I returning to my weekly cleansing, deep conditioning w/ Ayurvedic powders Amla and Brahmi. Instead of Henna though after today's henna treatment to use up the last of what I have.  I'm going to introduce new powders, Zizyphus Spina Christi and Cassia into my regimen in replace of henna and see if I get similar results and of course you can expect me to post tutorials on those.  Although the red hue I get from henna is lovely, I really miss my natural brown and want to return to that color instead. Those two powders will provide me with the benefits of henna less the tinted stain.   I will only be styling once or twice per week.  I've tried so many different hair care methods and the one I like most and my hair likes most is weekly conditioning and styling.  I enjoy giving my hair constant attention and I see the thanks it gives me in return through it's health.

My hair care day will be on Sundays. I will also begin posting any weekly deep conditioning treatments I plan to alternate weeks with my ayurvedic powders.  Well as always...



  1. Your hair is just so pretty! Love it!

  2. Thank you Shelli!! Likewise Sis...yours is truly gorgeous!

  3. Your hair cut looks great. Super job!!