Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Knot Bun

This is a swoop around bun. I brushed the sides up into a ponytail, obviously, then just brushed my hair going around in a circle softly and pinning it in place as I brushed. This s taken on day one of me styling it. Directions on how created the Top Knot bun are below.

Next time I wear this style the ponytail will be closer to my forehead...this is really a semi-top knot bun...The process is still the same though, only the placement would change.
I had already been wearing my hair in a bun when I took these photos.  I brushed my detangled wet hair into a ponytail at the crown of my head.

I use security clips because the ponytail was done loosely.  To rid bulk in the back and underneath the completed bun I placed the clips to make it more flat in the back, instead of making the bun tighter.
 Water ,Kinky Curly Curling Custard, comb and my styling tooth brush ;o)
 This photo was taken prior to my hair cut.  The back will look shorter then the front the higher you place the pony tail on top of your head.

 I grabbed the shortest twists and pinned the ends down into the center of the bun...this creates the knot look.

I wore this style for an entire week by keeping it covered with my satin scarf...



  1. Good job! ;)
    Simple style that can be dressed up or down!

  2. I say the same thing Crystal ;o)

  3. What did you use to smooth you hair into a ponytail