Saturday, February 4, 2012

Amazing Botanicals: Pumpkin Pomade

One of the great things about attending natural hair events is the opportunity I get to network with fellow Naturalista's doing their thing in the natural hair industry.  November last year while attending the Nappiology, Inc pre-expo meet up at the Aloft hotel I had the pleasure of meeting  Shelly, co-owner of Amazing Botanicals.  I approached her to give her my business card and she told me about her product line.  I loved how the company was based of them was from California, bay area, and the other from NYC.  Winning combination I must say.

I'd come across a photo in a Facebook group of a lovely Naturalista wearing one of the most shiny and beautiful roller sets I've ever seen.  She mentioned that she'd used Pumpkin Pomade by Amazing Botanicals...I rushed to place my order and not surprised to find it was sold out.  Anywho, I bugged Nichelle til it came back in stock a few days later and placed my order for a tin of the pomade.  I was so grateful to see she threw in a sample of their Black Soap Poo with my order, sweet!

I liked the blue butterfly so much I used it as an adornment for my bun.

 I've been a huge fan of black soap as a natural shampoo for my hair ever since getting the first bar from Naturalista Cosmetics.  Once I learned liquefying the bar can potentially cause it to grow bacteria unless I added a preservative I stopped doing it.  I could have continued and just added the preservative but I started looking for another natural shampoo and up until using A.B.'s Black Soap Poo, I hadn't found one that made my hair look and feel so good.  What doesn't this stuff have in it is the question..infused with red palm, JBCO, marshmallow root, burdock, plantain,nettle, rosemary,and panthenol.  I can pronounce every ingredient in less than 5 syllables in each word, good stuff.  I promise I only used a dime size in the front and back and my hair was so full of suds.  It fluffed my hair out after I rinsed it out.  I was so clean and it detangled with ease.  I followed up with Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque and rinsed after 15 minutes while in the shower with steam. The photo above is without any product in my hair. Thumbs up on the Black Soap Poo!

 Clean hair and scalp.

I gathered my supplies and got busy.

I parted my hair into 4 twists...I just love how plump this looks.

If you need a hair cut do it...your hair will thank you for it by looking so much healthier.

Back to the review...

I started with the front this time parting a smaller section off to add the pomade.

In a word...Bomb. My kynxx luv it.

  I flat twisted the top, single twisted the front right (my right not the right of the photo)...

 And flat twisted the front left section going back...

When I finished twisting my entire head I still had a lot left...happy about that!

 The bobby pins I use are made by Conair and only cost 1.99 for 80.  I like these because the bulbs don't come off and cause those little plastic knots to get caught in my hair.

Now its time to pin up the protective style.

I gently stretched the back twists and pinned them going up...

 I'm please to say two thumbs up for Amazaing Botanicals Pumpkin Pomade!



  1. I have this product but have never really been sure how to use it. Thanks for a great review!

  2. I think it makes a great sealant after moisturizing with just plain water or a water based moisturizer...the shine is phenom. Thank you for reading and commenting. Be Blessed Sis.

  3. Ooh! Very cute!! I've heard so many great things about Amazing Botanicals. Your post helped me seal the deal! Many thanks, great post by the way!