Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How~to get the MOST out of your protective style.

I started off the week with the protective style below with the intention of wearing it for one week.  For those who don't know a protective hair style is one that requires little or no manipulation of your hair for days at a time.  The ends of the hair should be tucked and unexposed, like when wearing a french roll or bun.  Protective styles help to increase the hairs ability to retain length, moisture, and prolong having to re-style.

Sunday evening.
Wednesday morning.

Friday evening.

I wore this style for 5 full days and zero frizz at the end of the week and super moist hair especially on my ends.  I equate this to  have used the Curling Souffle on wet hair and pinning up the ends protecting them from rubbing on anything and outdoor temperatures. It almost looks as if my hair hasn't grown it stayed so neat.  It grew plenty...

 Remember, my cornrows were braided to the scalp on day one.  By day 5 I was able to easily pull the braid off from my scalp at least 1/4  of an inch.  It held up so well, I could have worn it I'd say about 4 more days before it would need to come down.  Next one I do, I'm leaving it up until I see frizz, or the parts no longer show.

Too keep my hair looking neat, used the scarf below.  I have several different types of satin scarves and I choose the one I'm going to use based on the hairstyle.  I often use DuRags to maintain my mini twists as I wrap them just like wrapping flat ironed hair at night.  A DuRag would have caused my bun in the back to smash so I used the one below, which kept my braids flat and frizz free without smashing my bun.

During the 5 days of wearing this style, I didn't need to add any additional product nor water to my hair.  I took it down and wore the styles shown below.   I could have worn it a few additional days but decided to follow my weekly regimen and start all over for the upcoming week.

Saturday morning. 

Front loosely pinned back with bobby pins on both sides.

I couldn't deal with the sticky feel of  the Souffle' so I switched it up a bit by using a banana clip to pull my hair from my neck leaving a few curls hanging in the front...

No matter how well the hair is tied down, choosing the right styling product is a huge factor in getting prolonged wear from your protective style. With the right product to keep your hair moist enough not to have to touch or manipulate it and a satin scarf, you can extend the wear of your style.



  1. Looks wonderful. Now if only I could braid. My braids are functional but don't come out as neat.

  2. Thanks Sunny!! I may have to do a post on how to braid then so you can get the basics and practice! Thanks for reading! ~Amber

  3. I use to braid my hair constantly growing up thanks to alica keys an her braided hair!! Because of that my edges thinned out tremendously :( I miss up do's and braids but it just don't look the same. Do you have any suggestions for thin edges or how to make them grow back?

  4. The best thing I've heard that will grow back edges is castor oil. Jamaican black castor oil is best. I would also add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to wake up those dormant hair follicles.