Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shea Moisture Curling Souffle' Review & Style Tutorial

The ReviewSince the release of Shea Moisture's Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Souffle (SMCS) the reviews I've read lead me to believe this is one of those products where you're either going to love it or hated it, most of them were not so fond of it.  Like Kinky Curly Curling Custard, SMCS is an all natural styling gel that includes agave' nectar and flax seed oil.  These two ingredients alone lead me to think it would be a sticky and oily a combination...and it was. 

I don't understand why they chose to call this product a souffle'.  When I think of a souffle' I picture a light fluffy whipped cream product.  This was just like jelly, grape jelly you make PB'J's with, jelly.  I rubbed it with my finger tips and it dissolved into an oily sticky feel on my finger with hyper shine.  I love shine so that was a plus.

As soon as I put it on I knew I wouldn't be able to use this as a wash  n' go product.  It was way too sticky and I'm sure my skin wouldn't agree to it.  I decided to try it as a styler for my weekly protective.  In this picture you can see the film it left around my hair line.  I was going to mix it with Shea Moisure's Curl Enhancing Smoothie (SMCES) then thought it would be better for me to just use it alone and see how my hair reacts to it first after it's been styled.
One of the things I love about Shea Moisture is the fact it is black owned...I like to support black owned businesses, and that ALL of their products are $10 with the exception of the transitioning kit which I believe is still only $20 and you get 4 products.  I can use them generously without needing skimp on using it an order to feel I've gotten my money's worth. 

The ingredients without scientific terminology include:Agave Nectar, Tequilana Extract, Sugar Cane Extract,Pectin, Vegetable Glycerin, Baobab extract, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Panthenol, Aloe Leaf extract, Vitamin E, Linseed/Flaxseed extract, Hibiscus extract, Potassium Sorbate, and a blend of essential oils.

Honestly, even though I really love the shine, the way it feels is what I don't care for.  It's a bit too sticky for my taste when used alone.  My neck, fingers and forhead felt sticky and I had to use a warm, damp cloth to remove it.  Alone, I give it a thumbs down, at least for my taste. NOTE:  Since styling my hair in the style below, I've used it along with Shea Moistures Curl Enhancing Smoothie and LOVED the way they worked together.  SMCES doesn't leave my hair with shine, so when used in combination with the SMCS it works great at providing hold keeping the hair soft, extremely moist and leaving it glistening with shine!

Part II~Large Cornrow Protective Tutorial

 I did this same style a few weeks ago on dry hair using Curl Enhancing Smoothie on dry stretched hair in the photo below:

This time, I started with clean wet hair, freshly deep conditioned, parting my hair down the middle.

Great shine and definition.
Braid #1

People always ask me how I am able to do my own hair and get the parts so straight...well a 3-way mirror works wonders, along with taking my time.  I don't stop until the parts are exactly how I want them.  They don't have to be perfect, the goal is to perfect the ability to get them straight first.
I used about this much on each section prior to braiding my hair. 
Braid #2
 For the 3rd braid I started the part where my center part was made, parting diagonally all the way to the back as shown in the photos below.


Again, for braid #4 I started at the center part I'd made when I began and parted back diagonally, not straight back.
I didn't color my hair but on this photo it looks like I did.  I think the flash along with the fact I henna make it look this way.
 After the Souffle' was added....very moist defined curls.

Braid #4

For the last braid on the first side I worked on, I started the braid just as braids 3 and 4.  Using my parting comb I started at the middle part, and with a pointed edge parted back diagonally. NOTE: There should be less hair at the start of the braid (this gives the V shape you see below, increasing the size of the section as you part back and tapering the parted section as you get to the nape area.

For the second side, I did the exact same.  I think this is a great starter style for those who want to begin styling their own hair or for those who need a quick protective style for the week.  Parting is essential when wearing braids, well almost any style for that matter. Practicing this over time you will learn how to part, or part with precision and learn how to cornrow if you don't know how, or perfect your skills (there are several detailed videos on YouTube on cornrow braiding).  This is one of those styles that can be dressed up or down and won't require daily up keep as long as you sleep with it tied down with a satin scarf.  Braids do not require tension to the point of breakage.  I braid snug but not tight.  No matter what hair texture you have, tight braids are not beneficial to the hair or scalp.

Side #2

Braid #6

As you see, beginning your parts at with point at the middle part made at the beginning, you get a pattern at the top of your braids.

For this style I didn't braid all the way down. Once the cornrow has been braided to the nape, the hair left hanging is two strand twisted. 

Now you see all that shine on my neck and hair was sticky.  Even though a warm washcloth removed it...I didn't like it at all.

For the pin up I used regular black bobby pins by Conair.  I gathered both of the back braids and twisted them together pinning at the base of the braid to hold them together.

The next row of braids were done the same, gathered together and pinned at the base of the braids to keep them together, loosely pinning the twists upward in the center. By doing so, this is where you get volume, even if your hair isn't as long as mine you increase the appearance of density as these twists will be used to fill in the bun in the back. 

Twists at the top still hanging down over the 4 previously pinned up will drape over the ones pinned up, shown below.  I prefer to roll and tuck them, then pin as a group instead of individually.

And it's done!

Even though I wasn't going anywhere Sunday night but to bed, I added this metal flower to enhance the style.  It's such a simple style that adding any accessory to it only makes it more beautiful.  This is definitely one of my favorite styles now, on wet or dry hair.



  1. This is so pretty. I'm going to have to practice on my parting though :(. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you Gyl...practice you'll get perfect.

  3. I love your hairstyle....very beautiful!

  4. I have a love hate relationship with this "jelly"... I love the texture but I hate the sticky residue it leaves on the skin!

  5. Thank you very much I am going to try this on myself and my daughter!!

  6. Thanks Ebbs! Miss Leah, same here, I love/hate it too, lol. The moisture retention, the shine, holding ability are all great but that sticky...urgh!! ;o)

  7. Replies
    1. Keep me posted on the results if you please Sis.

    2. It didn't work on me. My hair isn't as thick as yours. My twists look thin and scalpy while yours are thick and full.

  8. I just did this style on my daughter with the KCCC and it turned out great!! I figured since it was the same consistency it would have pretty uch he same results. It looks nice. I just hope it holds as long!

    1. Yeah I can see where KCCC would work on this style. It is a similar consistency of SMCS. Im glad it came out good for you! Thanks for the update!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Hey! when using the curling soufle and the smoothie what goes on first?

    1. Hey Asha...I apply the smoothie first rubbing it completely in first then a small amount of the souffle'.

  11. I just found your post about the Souffle and I'm so glad I did. I'm going to try your method tomorrow. Maybe I will see more curl definition in my tiny fro. Thanks!

  12. Sis!!!! This is such a beautiful style! I really like the Souffle product, just not for my hair. I like it for my daughter's. After I took her braid out down, it was full, wavy, fluffy and light,...just like a souffle! I will be trying this with my daughter. Thank you so much!!