Sunday, April 22, 2012

Faux Loc's

I've always adored seeing women and men with long healthy loc's.  I even told myself when my youngest son graduates from high school I was going to start my loc journey.  This photograph is a loc style I really like and decided I'd to emulate it...with twists!

What I did...

I started out with medium sized two strand twists (TST) all over my head and wrapped them as I would wrap my hair straightened and allowed them to dry for a full day and overnight.

 I don't sleep in the metal clips...once I tie on my scarf I remove each clip...

This side will be the one I will do the faux loc style to

As you can see, wrapping my twist stretches them out...I wanted my faux locks to have a little more hang time...

This was my first time trying this style and it was a bit last minute.  My intention was to just wear the TST's but then remembered this styling tutorial from last year posted by PrettyDimples on YT on how to make faux locs and thought I'd try something new.  Next time...I'll part the side I plan to style a bit smaller so it looks more similar to loc grooming.  I twisted one section at a time until the base of the twist was snug but not tight.  Once it was I twisted the next section above it combining the two and again, twisting until snug, combining a third section.  I secured them all together using a regular small rubber band.

Now I do realize that the difference between the way the tutorial I watched and how I did mine was that she wore her TST's for a couple of weeks first then palm rolled her roots with loc gel and secured each faux loc at the base with a metal clip and dried them w/heat using a hooded dryer.  I'll revisit this style again and next time wear my twists for a week or so then palm roll my roots but I'll let mine air dry and pray my hair doesn't loc up :o).   It didn't turn out like the photo of the Sister with locs but it was a try...I still got tons of compliments and was happy with the outcome.  Here are some pics of the final look:

I added a few hair jewels to accentuate the look of this style...

I found these earrings while shopping on the boardwalk in Venice Beach, CA...they are made of pure banana leaves!  Here's a closer look...



  1. Very nice tutorial. It turned out nice :)I would like to try that in my daughters hair.

  2. Beautiful! I never thought of wrapping two strand twist to stretch them...

    1. Thank you Miss Leah...yep I've been wrapping my twists for over a year...when I wear them that is. I learned of this watching Naptural 85's turtorial on how she is able to get a months wear out of her mini twists.