Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ancient Sunrise Henna

I was recently contacted by a woman who wanted to have her hair colored with henna.  She had a few premature graying strands and wanted to cover them naturally without using chemical hair dye but didn't want  the jet black color that is left when using henna and following up indigo.  Although
I'd used henna to cover gray before, the gray strands were left with highlights of auburn through out.  It was clear to see which hair strands were gray as most store bought henna I've tried didn't provide total coverage.  I researched along with my client, and we both decided to go with Ancient Sunrise henna found on with website http://www.mehandi.com/.  We chose this henna due to the website stating it has a very high dye content and offers total coverage on gray hair. 

Ancient Sunrise Henna Kit Includes:
2- 100  100g packages of body art quality high dye content henna

1-pair of gloves
1- carrot bag
Easy to follow directions
One pack of henna wasn't enough so I added the second.
 Mehndi.com website advises to mix henna with an acidic juice
This is 2 100g pkg's of Ancient Sunrise Henna
I use a wine cork opener to help get the most lemon juice out.

This was how much juice both lemons produced...in the photo below I'd added about 2 cups of distilled water.
Henna mix is green prior to the dye releasing.  I covered it with plastic and let it sit 24 hrs.  The color changed to the brown you see below once the dye released and all lumps were completely smooth.  This was hands down then smoothest consistency and easiest rinsing henna I've used so far.  I didn't use the carrot bag to apply henna on my clients hair as she was getting her entire head colored.

Henna processed underneath a hooded dryer for 2 hours.  After it was rinsed I followed by applying  Luv is in the Hair deep conditioning treatment with a baggie for 20 minutes with heat.

There was a little henna left over so I decided to freeze it for future use. Filling up the henna carrot bag was a bit tricky but I got the hang of it.  Snipping the end will make it easier to apply to roots for future treatments!
Squeeze henna to the bottom of the bag and secure with a rubber band.

Me, proud of my first lil' henna carrot! I put it in the freezer for future use.

The Results!

 Natural shine with out door lighting...

 Total coverage and it actually lifted her previously color treated hair which was much darker...no gray highlights! I love it!
Flash lighting on this photo only...
Photos were taken minutes after henna was completely rinsed, hair washed, and followed up with deep moisturizing conditioning treatment for 20 minutes under a hooded dryer.

With Leave-in conditioner added it looks darker but her hair was soft, silky, and strong with no chemical damage to worry about.

My client sent the last two photos and updated me about her hair color.  She said its Auburn and red in other areas of her hair.  She also told me she plans to continue using henna instead of chemical hair dye.  I just love her fro!

I give Ancient Sunrise Henna 2 thumbs WAY up!!



  1. First off, I seriously have to try this. Is it okay to mix with Cassia or Amla?

    Second, I just awarded you Awesome Blogger Award! Please check my latest post for details. Congrats! :D

    1. Hi KcL...Its fine to mix with either one of those powders. Cassia is normally used for enhancing hair that is blonde so when those of us with darker hair use it there is no color change. Amla is good for darkening so if you mix it with Amla powder you will get a deeper darker auburn tone. THANK YOU so much for the Awesome Blogger Award! Is there a link to your blog?...how can I find it?

    2. You're ever so welcome! You can click on my name or just this link http://kinkyliebe.blogspot.com/ :D

  2. I am gradually graying and have not wanted to cover my white hair. They are concentrated at my temples. However, this looks awesome and is tempting to try. I don't think I actually will BUT this is the nicest gray coverage I've seen.

    Oh, and congratulations on your Awesome Blogger Award. From what I can see, you clearly deserve it. Excellent!

  3. I love the results!

    The henna in the bag is a good idea, no more waste.

    1. Isn't it...the bag saves time and makes much less mess too! Thanks for reading!

  4. This is an awesome blog! I have a question though. Isn't henna's natural color on hair suppose to be red/orange-ish? How did you manage to get auburn color with only henna powder?

    1. Thank you Jen!!! African Sunrise henna has the highest dye content of any other type of henna. The color is much deeper and vibrant than other henna types.

  5. Hey, I love the color!
    I have a question. I have dark brown hair with grays. If I just use pure henna (without indigo), will my hair turn auburn/light brown like the picture?

    1. African Sunrise offers full gray coverage so those lighter gray strands will be like highlights is all...I will look beautiful.