Monday, May 14, 2012

Ayurveda for Hair: Cassia

While placing the order for the Ancient Sunrise henna I used for my client last week I also picked up a few other goodies.  One of them was a packet of Cassia often referred to as neutral henna.  Although Cassia is not henna, it does have similar benefits on hair as henna, and for those who have blond hair adds a beautiful lift to light colored hair.  For those with dark hair there are no color benefits however according to the customer service representative at, one Cassia treatment is equivalent to 1 month of deep conditioning.  I was happy to hear that and couldn't wait to use it.  What is Cassia? [What is Cassia? Click here to find out.]

How to Mix Cassia
I called the toll free number at and spoke to the representative there.  She was very friendly and sharing and answering all my questions.  She advised I mix the henna with water to cake batter consistency and apply immediately covering with plastic for one hour...and so I did.

 I always make sure the powder is well below the line I plan to cut to avoid too much coming out and breathing in the powder while pouring into the glass bowl.

One thing I notice immediately was the scent.  It was similar to henna but had a little sweetness to it.  I liked it a lot.

 Did you know?
Cassia and Henna are both GREAT for building strong nails.  I left this one for about 15 minutes after I applied the Cassia to my hair.

No one has to know  I'm deep conditioning.  I cleaned off the excess on my neck, ears, and forehead before going to pick up some movies from Red Box!!

 After an hour I rinsed the Cassia from my hair.  It rinsed well and left my hair with much less "grit" then henna.  It still felt a bit dry so I followed up with a little Treseme' Naturals Silicone Free instant conditioner (shown below) and sat under the steamer for 20 minutes for extra moisturizing.

I plan to add this to my Ayurvedic hair care regimen in place of henna.  I still have some henna and will use it, I just won't be buying anymore.  There were quite a few differences aside from the fact Cassia doesn't show color, the main one was how much softer my hair felt after it was completely rinsed.  Other differences were the scent, consistency, less grit, brighter green color, and rinses much easier then henna. Even though I followed with a steam treatment, had I not had the luxury of having one, I would have been fine with the outcome without it.  The scent does linger,at least on my hair.  I can still smell it right now.  I'm okay with the scent though, it smells earthy, yet sweet.  If you need to treat ring worm, psoriasis, eczema, mites or lice, research more about the benefits of Cassia Obovata or Cassia Alata.  I'm not a medical professional so first seek medical attention...just know those may be an alternative option should you choose to seek non traditional treatment.  I really like Cassia and now have another addition to my Ayurvedic hair care family.



  1. A month's worth of deep conditioning? That's awesome info! So no possibility of staining....awesome! I think I want a bit of color so I'm going to use my henna again. Did you apply without gloves since there's no color?

  2. Yep a month Khyla...I didn't use gloves because the customer service woman told me cassia and henna help strengthen nails too! When it comes to henna though I'll always use them.