Saturday, May 19, 2012

DIY: Whipped Mango Butter!!

Mangifera indica

 My first time ever using Mango butter I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed without the greasy feeling Shea leaves on my skin.  Mango butter provided my skin with a natural shine and worked wonderfully on moisturizing my legs just after shaving. I even used some on my lips which not only protected them from the heat but left them with a nice glossy shine. I decided to try it on my hair and whipped up a batch for my family to use in place of Shea.  My son loves using Shea butter on his face but with his skin being so oily, I'm hoping the mango butter will be a better alternative.  Also for those who have nut allergies, mango butter is a great substitute as well.  Mango is a bit more costly then Shea but has plenty of great benefits when used on hair and skin.

Benefits of Mango Butter on Hair: 
~1 Cup of fresh mango provides 80% of your daily vitamin C intake and 25% of vitamin A.  Both are directly influence hair growth.
~Seals moisture into the hair
~Softens dry brittle hair

Benefits of Mango Butter on Skin:
~Heals sunburn
~Fights frost bite
~Heals peeling skin
~Heals muscle fatigue, aches, and tension
~Treats eczema and dermatitis
~May be used as a shaving cream
~Relieves insect bites
~Repairs cracked heels on feet
~Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy

I wanted to make a batched of whipped butter for my hair.  I have an upcoming workshop this Sunday and the style I'm going to wear calls for soft shiny twist out.  I decided to use it plain without adding any oils or essentials.  Although I have used products with mango butter in the ingredients but I just wanted to see how my hair responds to pure unscented organic mango butter.

I recently purchased a 2lb tub of organic mango butter and decided to whip the entire batch.  I 'll be using it to add to deep conditioning treatments, my entire family will use it for our bodies and I will be using it on my hair and for my clients.

How to make Whipped Unscented Organic Mango Butter

 This is a 2lb tub however you can use less to suit your needs. Since there will be nothing added to the butter the steps are the same no matter how much butter you use.
Melt butter into liquid. You can do this by setting some in a glass blow and placing the bowl into a larger one with hot water in it or by using  double boiler.  Never place any type of butter in a pot with direct heat.  I don't have a double boiler so I made a make shift version of one by placing my butters into a glass bowl and setting it on top of a large 4qt stock pot with  about 6 cups of boiling water in it, turning the heat to med high setting once the water came to a boil.  It took about 30 minutes for the full 2lb tub to melt. I loved the natural scent!

Once melted allow to cool to room temp.  I didn't want to wait since I used a double boiler and the butter was so hot I knew it would take a long time to melt.

 After 20 minutes of blending...
 After 35 minutes of blending...
 It was taking way to long to thicken so I placed the bowl in my freezer for about 10 minutes...
 After removing it from the freezer I blended for about 15 more minutes until the consistency was like cake frosting...

2lbs made just over 40oz of whipped mango butter.  I filled two 12 oz  recycled Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie jars one for my clients hair to seal in moisture and the other for my son's bathroom for the family to use. A little really goes a very long way so I imagine I will have it for awhile.    This left me with another16 ounces of mango butter I placed into a plastic bowl with a lid.  I didn't use dark tinted glass or plastic to store it in because there were no oils or fragrances added to the butter....I store the container in the back of my large walk-in bedroom closet where it is cool and dry staying dark most of the time.

 My hair saturated in Mango butter and Argan Oil...such a treat for my kynxx!

With the left over butter in the bowl I scraped it out with my fingers and applied it to my hair. I'd just taken some twists out and decided to use it as a pre-poo treatment along with 2tbsp of Argan oil.  I sprayed my hair til wet but not dripping then followed  up by saturating my hair with the butter and oil then placed a plastic conditioning cap on over my hair and slept in it over night..

In the morning I rinsed the butter and oil out and followed up with washing with pure black soap bar.  After I rinsed the black soap from my hair it was extremely soft, I didn't even follow up with conditioner and combing through it was a breeze!
 My hair air dried softer than it ever has since I've been heat free...I  put 8 large twists in my hair so I could stretch it for an upcoming protective style...stay tuned for the styling tutorial next...

By the next morning the mango butter set and thickened...

I love it! Natural goodness!



  1. I'm going to have to give this a try... I love DIY hair products... Thnx!

  2. I am just so jealous of how LUSH your twists look!! LOL!! I love your curls lady!! They are just beautiful! And, you hair looks like it has grown so much since your haircut!!

    Question, could you just slightly melt the mango butter and then whip so it wouldn't have taken so long? Also, WHERE do you get mango butter? Did you buy online or can you find it on the ground?


    1. Hey Shelli...yeah you can just barely melt it BUT when you melt it all the way down first, I find it comes out MUCH more fluffy and it actually gives you more me. This was my 3rd time whipping and of all the butters it came out the best. I will be selling the mango butter. My website will be up in a few days. I will have 4oz and 8oz sizes. If you can hold out I'd love you to be one of my first customers ;o)

  3. Hi, I would like to be a customer as well. :) I have stalked your blog all day and have learned so much. I'm definitely going to try your side-braided updo, I'm looking more into Ayurveda powders, I'm want to do the Cassia treatment as well as the "Love in the Hair" deep conditioning treatment, and finally, I want some of that whipped mango butter ASAP! How much longer do you think it will be before your site is up and how much will you be selling the 4oz size for? Thanks!

    1. Hi L. Boogie!! My 4oz jars will be 7.50. The site will be up by June 1st. Thank you so much for reading LMK blog Sis and for supporting. I'm just as excited as you are!

  4. Thank you for your response. I will be on the lookout for the website.

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  6. Can you give the website that you purchased the Mango Butter, please?

    Thank you!

  7. I tried this a few days ago and my butter got hard, not "fluffy/whipped." It was nice when I finished whipping it, but it went solid by the next day. What do you think I did wrong???

    1. I don't know but to guess... seems like you didn't whip it long enough. In order for it to be light (as illustrated) you have to incorporate enough air. Without the air, it will go back to a solid mass. Next time try whipping it longer and see if that works.

      I am going to give this ago myself. Looks lovely and I never knew you could get a product such as this from simply using a butter. No more wasted money on products from the store.......... thanks!!!

  8. Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was at a complete loss on how to mix mango butter because the process for mixing shea butter is a little different and faster. I just mixed some & it looks pretty good and feels great. So thanks again!