Monday, May 21, 2012

Pre-Summer Updo!

It's that time of year again for sunshine, shorts, sundresses and sandals.  Spring just before Summer as well as Autumn are my favorite seasons of the year.  In preparation of the temperature rising heat I wanted to wear a style perfect for welcoming more fun in the Sun!

Styling How-To
I started out with stretched hair from 8 large twists I 'd previously set in my hair using purified water to moisturize organic mango butter to seal.  I used Kinky Curly curling custard at the start of each braid and added a little mango butter for the twists for additional shine.

 I sectioned off  a triangle in the front top section first.  This is NOT a centered sectioned part.  I want the end result not to look like a mow/fro-hawk but to be off centered in the front. I started the part on my left at the center of my brow and on my right at the end of my brow.  I made both part meet up by parting the left part straight back and the right diagonally going upwards to where the parts meet as shown above.

 I gathered the rest of my hair beginning with the left side parting diagonally again from  the top of the back of my ear continuing the part to my right ending at the center or bottom part of my ear.  I continued with those same diagonal parts
 Once I got to the 3rd part I had to start the parts  front of my ear where my hair line started.

The part separating the two sides is also diagonal.
 Starting at the front parting diagonally...
extending the part all the way behind to my right ear.

 I also extended the part separating the left from right up to the top of my head where the front part had been  previously sectioned off.  So, at this point I have the braids/twists I've done, the right and left sides are sectioned of and the front section is sectioned still.
 Once I completed the left side I still had the right side to complete.  These parts were all starting going upwards...
 I decided to curve the parts on my right downward swoop in stead of upwards swoop as the left side had been done...

 All I had left was the front section. I twisted it in about 6 large twists...
 Right side complete...
Left side complete....

Once all the hair has been braid/twisted, you can just get creative and part your hair anyway you like. I was not able to pin my hair and take snapshots at the same time so I'll show close ups. All I used were bobby pins to secure.

 So basically what I did for the top section was gather those twists and very loosely rolled them using one closed end bobby pin to secure it at the point of the triangle part.  

I gathered the back of the twists and like the top very loosely rolled the twists left securing it were needed with closed end bobby pins at the base.  

The final look...

 Styling Tip:  To give a fro-hawk style a more mature look off center the front section...adds elegance and makes this style more suitable for those who may feel the style is too youthful. I certainly did which is why I shied away from wearing it. To add volume to any protective updo and the appearance of longer thicker hair, twist the ends instead of braiding the hair all the way down.  You can also get more than one look from this style by twisting out the twists once they dry...I love it and I'm sure I'll revisit it again.



  1. Really nice! I like it a lot! I've been trying to do more with my hair in its natural state but always end up frustrated with dry, tangled hair. Ugh! Working on it though. You always have the best styles!

    1. Thank you so much Mrs. glad you like them Sis. Try not to get discouraged. Keep practicing and keep taking care of it first and foremost. Healthy hair looks good in ANY style! Blessings!