Sunday, June 24, 2012

River of Jordan Mango Shine Hair Butter

I am so blessed by the response of my new hair care line. I created the Mango Shine Hair Butter for those like me who like the benefits of using butter on our hair, yet find some butters a bit too heavy to remove with simple co-washing.  Mango butter absorbs instantly into the hair and skin which for me make it the ideal butter to use on my skin and hair.  I wanted to show how Mango Shine Hair Butter is meant to be used on the hair. Although it is not typically meant to be used as a wash n' go product, it is great for sealing in moisture on wet hair no matter how you style it or which styling products you may use following it's application.  Mango Shine Hair Butter is also the perfect styling agent for twists and create gorgeous twist outs!  

What's In It?
Organic Mango Butter, Tucuma Butter (provides hair with the highest shine of all butters), Pure Organic Argan Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Apricot Seed Oil,  and scalp stimulating essential oil blend that includes rosemary and ylang ylang, as well as other growth stimulating EO's. Organic Vitamin E Oil to protect the hair from sun damage and naturally scented with lemongrass essential oil. Recommended to be used within 6 months of purchase to ensure highest quality and strongest potency of oils.

How To Use Mango Shine Hair Butter:
 As always, I started off with clean deep conditioned hair
 I applied this amount to each twist, parting off each section into approximately 1 inch squares applying the Mango Shine Hair Butter from root to the ends.
Kynxx Twist Out Tip #1: When twisting the hair the best way to ensure a frizz free more defined twist out is to make sure when you section off the hair to be twisted and separate to 2 halves that you do not take hair from one side and add it to the other. By doing so, you will be able to untwist your hair without hair getting caught, you will literally be able to untwist your twist with one finger from the top to the end and it will result in a much more defined twist out.

 Kynxx Twist Out Tip #2:  I like my twist outs to have more hang time (length retention after hair is dry) so I use metal duck bill clips to stretch the twist a bit so my hair dries with less shrinkage

Kynxx Twist Out Tip #3: I covered my hair with a satin DuRag and allowed it to AIR DRY COMPLETELY prior to untwisting.  

The Finished Look

 My hair is very light and blows in the wind! Smells great and feels soft with a non greasy look feel and shine!! 
Kynxx Twist Out Tip #4: Maintaining a twist out for a full week is doable.  I do not retwist every night or every other night. I twist and it lasts an entire week by me simply twisting the top of my hair only.  The hair underneath cannot even be seen especially if your hair is collar bone length or longer.  By twisting the top of my hair only, that part lays over or on top of the rest of my hair and gives the appearance my hair has been freshly twisted everyday. I also make sure I sleep with a Du Rag every night and cover the ends using a satin bonnet.

Here are a couple of easy breezy styles I did that took less then 5 minutes each to create making use of my twist out once it got old and I didn't feel like twisting at all... 

 For this style I used water only to slick my hair up and bobby pins and clips to hold my hair up and to the side...

 This style was done using 5 elastic head bands. In the photo below you can only see 3 since the hair sticking out of the puff is covering the rest.  I started out placing one close to my hairline, another about an inch or so behind it, another behind the 2nd band, etc.  

Kynxx Twist Out Tip #5: I slept with a satin bonnet on the nights when I wanted to wear my old twist out in style, removing bobby pins, clips and elastic bands and just slept with it fro'd out and free.  I refreshed each morning with my light mist spray of water, aloe juice and lemongrass oil. My hair stayed moist and shiny without adding any additional Mango Shine to my hair!

To place your order for 
Mango Shine Hair Butter, click [HERE] 



  1. Girl I love your hair. Thanks for the tutorial.

    1. Thank you so much Queen!! My pleasure!

    2. This is great helpful information explain about the hair shine. Hair looks is effected for every people style.

      Stage 4 breast cancer

  2. Beautiful styles! Love the triple headband puffytail look.

  3. Beautiful styles! Love the triple headband puffytail look!