Friday, June 8, 2012

River of Jordan~Natural Body Care


It's been a long time coming and finally it's here! River of Jordan Natural Body Care is a product line I developed over the course of the past 4 months. Some of you may already know the time and dedication required into making natural products. Research, research and more research! Mixing, adding, and omitting ingredients to hold true to what ALL NATURAL really is.  Through this journey I learned so much about products and what NOT to include to hold true to the words organic and natural.  Learning about Fair Trade Markets were really the best part of this journey.  All Shea Butter and African Black Soaps sold at River of are Fair Trade and I sleep better knowing hard working Sister's in Africa are profiting as they should an growing businesses.

River of Jordan is one of many of my accomplishments I am extremely proud of.  I designed my own logo and website!  When it comes to being creative I always jump at the opportunity however this time I had to stay conscience because I started feeling I'd bitten off more than I could chew.  It wasn't God speaking that's for sure.   I had initially set a deadline of May 15th, then June 1st, then June 7th.  Instead of beating myself up when each deadline approached and passed, I continued praying for the courage to keep going.  My clientele has doubled in the past month and I had very little time to invest in developing the site. So in the meantime,  I was selling products to my clients and didn't realize how many people would be supportive and purchase without bags, labels, or any fancy packaging and for that I am truly grateful for those Divine whispers telling me to keep going, reminding me I was on God's time!

I'm so excited to share my love of natural hair styling through my new hair and body care line. Now not only am I able to offer my clients exceptional hair care care through providing them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to cultivate healthy hair, the products I use will also reflect the natural styles I create!

ROJ's Mango Shine Hair Butter

Nothing but natural goodness. A blend of Mango Butter, Tucuma Butter, Argan oil, Hemp Seed oil and other nourishing oils used to carry and essential oil blend that will stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, thus paving the way for new healthy and strong hair to grow.

Available in 8oz, 4oz, and 2 oz sample size...get yours today!!  Grand opening special...FREE AFRICAN BLACK SOAP BAR with every order!! (while supplies last!).

My primary objective was to treat hair while being able to style it without compromising health. I meet people who have some pretty serious scalp and hair issues and the first question I get asked is what product do I use on my hair. Unfortunately most styling products are not equipped to treat hair issues. Carrier oils and essential oils are great for using to treat, heal, and diminish scalp problems.  Many people over look the highly beneficial effects of using oils to treat scalp and skin issues and instead use follicle clogging heaving styling products to mask the damage away.  With Mango Shine Hair Butter, you get to treat your hair to therapeutic goodness and at the same time address hair issues with the wonderful array of carrier and essential oils included in the Butter.  It's light soft and fluffy!! Your hair will LOVE it as your senses get treated by the delightful scent of Lemongrass!

My goal is to add more products to ROJ~Natural Body Care line. Great for those who like mixing their own concoctions or for those who prefer it already be made for them.  Deep Conditioning Treatments are next. I'm already using a mix on my clients and it's working out beautifully.  Please stop by and visit River Of Jordan Natural Body Car by clicking the link below...I would really LOVE your feedback!  Thank you for reading and for your support!! Go #TeamROJ!!

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