Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mid Year Hair Reshaping

It's that time again.  July 3rd I decided to give my fro a nice new reshaping.  I cut my hair January this year and retained all that I grew over the past 6 months.  As a stylist I have to be sure I keep my hair in top condition because I change styles so often. This time instead of keeping the same bob shape I usually like I took it down a bit more on the top and front and opted for a round shaped fro.  I honestly don't know how many inches I cut but I'm guessing about 2 from the front/top around the lower perimeter of my hair with another 1 inch all around including the nape which grows loosely curled and gives me a " tail" look in the back.  I wanted the back to be very blunt and straight across.  Of course I used the same method of cutting I used in January cutting my hair in it;s natural state on dry, stretched hair.  Here are shots of it immediately after the cut :

 As show in the photo above and below, the majority of my hair was cut off from the front and crown to give my fro a round instead of bob shape.  I really love it!

 A lot was cut from the nape as well where my curls are much looser.  Remember, curly hair doesnt have to be's the shape that I focus on as I have no intention on straightening my hair anytime soon.
 Whenever I wear a fro people tell me they didn't think my hair could go into an afro.  Well here is a shot of my roots. As you can see they are very wavy which is why as long as I do not use any gels, creams or liquid type products it will fro out nicely.

 This is a photo taken the next day after it was wet.  It is shorter however just like when I cut it in January I love fresh haircuts.  My ends in the photo below are nice and plump again. This next 5 months I will be focusing on keeping it in great condition just like I did this past 6.5 months.

Since my ends were nice and freshly cut I wanted to wear a style that would keep my ends nice and protected so I decided on Bantu Knots. These are great for keeping my hair nice and stretched, moisturized for longer periods of time while my ends are protected from the heat here in Texas.

I really like Bantu Knots.  Especially large ones. This is a very good protective style and I plan on wearing them more often. 



  1. I love your hair

  2. Looks great! What products did you use to do the bantu knots?