Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Single Dutch Braid ~ Tutorial

Lately my ability to indulge in catering my Kynxx to all day conditioning treatments has come to a screeching halt.  To make sure I keep up with my own hair Ischedule appointments in my planner for my own hair care. I've also been styling my hair in ways that are both protective, quick, and easy to do.  My goal as the style will last me 4-5 before I start to feel like it needs to be redone. This is one of my favorites ( My go-to style) now and when I posted this photograph on Facebook and Black Girl With Long Hair I was asked to make a tutorial for it.  In the photo above my hair was styled on hair that had previously been twisted out moisturized with Aloe Vera juice and River of Jordan Cocoa Butter Blend.  Here it is...

Part hair from ear to ear

 Kinky Curling Custard didn't mix well with the conditioner.  Grab a small section of hair at the hair line center of forehead area and begin braiding back to the center part.

 Combs help keep the hair brushed to the side nice and smooth before going on to continue braiding the bottom section.  Brush bottom section to the side and begin braiding to the end of the hair.

Tuck and pin braid

Easy Breezy...took all of 7 minutes from start to finish and I'll wear it for about 4 days or so covering at night with a satin scarf. The braid doesn't look as full to me compared to doing the style on wet hair but it will do in a rush!

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