Thursday, November 8, 2012

Castor Oil Healthy Hair Challenge

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is known as the powerful traditional healing oil from Jamaica. It's commonly used for hair growth issues, skin conditions, aches and pain, breast massage, fibrosis, first aid for cuts, wounds, burns and much more. Tropic Isle's Jamaican Black Castor oil is organic and Hand-Processed. Luv My Kynxx will be starting a Castor Oil healthy hair challenge. 
Challenge will begin 12/1/12 and end 2/1/13. 
Sign up deadline 11/29/12
1. Sign up by leaving your first name and e-mail address in comments below this post.  If you agree to allow me to post photos on LMK Blog you will need to send and email giving me permission to post them for this challenge. Anyone who agrees will have their progress tracked which is intended to serve as a motivation for the participant and readers. You will also be required to include your regimen when you submit photos if you want  your photos posted as well. 
2.  Submit one photo (cropped and edited) on the first day of the challenge and one side by side of the previous vs. current week.
Dates to submit photos will be:
Only photos submitted on time will be tracked.
3. Hair styles will be protective only for the entire duration of the challenge. Buns, cornrows, braids, twists, bantu knots, protective updos and are recommended during the challenge.  If you are wearing a sew-in weave and do not intend on taking it down or braids with extensions and do not have access to shampooing without it affecting the hair style you choose then at least bi-weekly you'll need to clean scalp by using an antiseptic like Sea Breeze or apple cider vinegar to alleviate dry itchy scalp.  Daily moisturizing with water and or aloe vera juice are recommended especially on days you choose to apply the JBCO.
4. Participants are responsible for following a no less then bi-weekly hair care regimen. If you choose a long term protective like box braids or mini twists, kinky twists, or wearing a sew in I recommend scalp cleansing with either Sea Breeze or some type of antiseptic or apple cider vinegar and water (ration 1:3). This will help soothe dry itching scalp issues some may incur. Heat may be use for participants who prefer to wear their hair blown out.  If  you do not know what a regimen is and would like to read an example of one click here [Kynxx Hair Care Regimen] 
Please wash and deep condition your hair with whatever you feel is best for it. I am not able to recommend products for those I am not able to see in person.
5. The only styler to be used is JBCO for the entire duration of the challenge.  Aloe vera juice and water are both fine to use for moisture.  No gels, puddings, creams or butters may be used.  If you must use a styling product please include which ones you used when you submit your photos. You may use another carrier oil(extra virgin olive oil, jojoba, coconut, almond, grapeseed, avocado, hempseed, argan) to thin the JBCO for those who do not want to apply the thick oil on their hair.  Use as much as you feel you need to make it the consistency you are comfortable with. Again please include any deviations from using nothing but JBCO when you submit your photos. 
Transitioners are encouraged to participate!

All photos submitted will be posted as is so please crop and edit before sending attachments to 
To purchase Jamaican Black castor oil visit 
LMK Castor Oil Healthy Hair Challenge participants receive a 10% discount when purchased from the Oils of Jamaica website.  Discount code  will be e-mailed to you upon challenge sign-up. 
Special Thanks to Daphne co-owner of Oils by Jamaica.
How to apply JBCO
  • Do scalp massages with it two to three times per week. It will help your hair become healthier as it grows.
    Add to conditioner

  • Use it for your braid outs/twist outs
Find Oils by Jamaica on [FACEBOOK]


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