Sunday, December 16, 2012

Caring for Box Braids and Styling Tutorial

It's been two weeks and 3 days since I felt my hair and I miss my kynxx.  One thing about being a stylist is it spoils you because at any given time I know I can style it up!  With all goals though there is usually some type of sacrifice that has to be made to reach that goal.  I want to retain more length and dust less from single strand knots and wearing box braids I know is one of the best ways to do so.  I got a little bored with it and turned to YouTube for styling inspiration. There were tons of videos on how to style these babies.  I created the style above in the steps below.  I'll also demonstrate how I moisturize and care for them at night.

Moisture Routine

I add pure Aloe Vera juice to my spray bottle and spray it directly to my roots and braids ending where my hair stops. I pour aloe vera juice in a bottle and mist it over. This will also close the cuticle and remove frizz.
 I use half  Jamaican Black Castor Oil, 1/4 Hemp seed oil and 1/4 Grape seed Oil. Once the oil has been applied and massaged into my scalp for a few minutes I leave it alone.  I perform this routine every other morning.
One thing I noticed is after half hour or so, the new growth from my braids is much straighter then prior to adding the oil.  I think it's the weight of the Castor that coats my hair and causes it to lay down. Either way to me it's definitely a benefit.
 The photograph below was taken about half an hour after the aloe vera juice was applied followed by the JBCO mix.

I usually keep them down.
I decided to try a Ponytail...I wasn't too fond of it though.

Box Braid Styling Tutorial

Left                                                                       Right

One section of braids hanging in the front and one in back.

 I placed the front section of the hanging braids towards the back hanging braids creating a loop.
 I took the back section of the hanging braids and placed that section of braids underneath the loop and gently pull it through.

 I secure the back section and any braids that are poking out with open ended bobby pins.

Box Braid Wrap Around Bun

I wore the style down after wearing it 3 days and nights. No maintenance aside from wearing a satin scarf at night.

 After 2 night of wearing style

Night time routine...easy.


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