Sunday, December 16, 2012

JBCO Challenge ~2 Week Progress Check In

It's been 2 weeks in for the JBCO challenge and I must say for me it is coming along great. Lovin' my braids and the ease in caring for my hair in them.  Let's get right to the participant updates.  The updates are not necessarily to see growth, especially since it's only been 2 weeks but for participants to share any helpful information about using JBCO or regular Castor oil. 

I noticed in the past two weeks my ends are more controlled and defined. Less wiry and no frizz. I think it's because of the JBCO which I mix with EVOO.

The castor oil was placed on the same spots of my scalp everyday. The photo is the best image I could take up close, but with the naked eye one can really see the thickness. The new hair is shinier and "wispier " than normal. It is filling in the spot that i have the least hair in. I have been wearing plaits for two weeks which saved on combing and tangles. I washed my hair twice this whole time and i will do the same routine next week!

Hair Regimen

 Nightly Routine:
 Spray hair with water
Apply Leave-in conditioner (Granier Fructis Intensely Smooth Leave-in Conditioner OR Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Conditioner)  Apply Castor/Coconut Oil Mix Put hair in Protective Style
Protective Styles: Single Braids or Twists  Flat Twists
One-Two large head band twists,   Buns,
Daily Routine: Spritz hair with water, Smooth Castor/Coconut Oil on twists or braids
Weekly: Shampoos: Dr Bronner's Castile Soap, ACV or Nothing But Shampoo.
Conditioners: As I Am Co-wash, Ren Cleansing Conditioner or Suave Almond & Shea Conditioner
Alternate Weeks:Deep Conditioner Moisturizer Treatment: Suave Shea Almond Conditioner, Honey, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil mix
 Deep Conditioner Protein Treatment:Suave Shea Almond Conditioner, Honey, Olive Oil Mayo, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil mix
My newgrowth is coming along great.  I find wearing my hair in braid extentions allows me to actually SEE the growth which in itself is highly motivating.  I am beginning to get a bit bored with them so to keep me focused on my goal of wearing them until February 1st I started accessorising more with scarves, my loc soc, and styling my braids to help comfort the fact I miss my hair, already.  As you can see from the comparison shot the past 15 days has been quite progressive.  I have nothing negative to report about using JBCO. I noticed when moisturize and apply the oil the  once the oil is absorbed the roots of my hair look much straighter.  So far so update in two weeks!

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  1. hii...i have fake dreads on ..i've had them on for a week now but i wanted to start using castor oil in order to thicken my hair since u have really soft but thin hair ...can u give me advice on what to do so that when i remove the fake dreads in some months i will have longer and thicker hair..