Thursday, January 3, 2013

JBCO Challenge ~4 Week Progress Check In

Week four is has arrived and for me, time flies.  I wore my box braids for 4 weeks, 2 days, and 8 hours...but who's counting ;)   I'm not getting all the updated photos from the participants who first started which could be time restraints from holidays or their dedication to the challenge has wavered.  Either way I hope the hair care regimen part of the challenge sticks more than anything.  Let's get to the updates...



I haven't noticed anything different. Just loving that I don't have the fizzy ends anymore.
For the past two weeks, my life has been rather busy and so I simply wore my hair in plaits for basically the whole two weeks. I have been cleaning out our home and so wearing my hair in plaits, a bun and braiding it with castor ail and coconut oil as the most convenient thing to do, I was rather lax and I am going to put in more effort next week for all of my energy went into cleaning. When I finally unbraided my hair I noticed how very soft the curls were and how my hair felt a little heavier, it was even more tame! lol there were some single strand knots, but other than that, my hair looked beautiful and I got many compliments. I cannot wait for the next two weeks! :)

No more box braids for me. As I mentioned before I wore them a month and as you can see from the side by side none of my parts by the end of the month were showing.  I was supposed to have re-braided the perimeter had I stayed with the Crown and Glory Method for retaining length but extentions and wearing the same style weeks at a time just are not my style.  I don't like feeling like I'm depriving myself from looking how I want to look for the sake of getting longer hair.  With patience it will come.  For the remainder of the challenge however I will be wearing my hair in twists and plan to do them every 10 days or so.  As a stylist it is very important I keep my own hair looking well groomed. Afterall, I am my own BEST advertisement!  See ya in 2 more weeks!!

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