Wednesday, January 16, 2013

JBCO Challenge 6 Week Check~In

Week 6 is here.  Hard to believe almost 2 months has passed and I'm hoping I see MORE than 1 inch of growth with all of the effort I'm putting into keeping focused on the challenge.  Here are the updates!

ANYWAY, the Castor oil is working great. When i visited a hair salon in Indianapolis last week, one of the beauticians  asked to feel my scalp. "Oh my goodness," she exclaimed, "Your scalp is really really soft. Dry hair isn't a problem your hair is well nourished." She told a customer to come and feel and they asked me what i used. The castor oil really softens the scalp.  I know in the past i had really dry hair and dandruff, but that is a thing of the past. i am going to use castor oil and scalp massages to grow back my butchered hair. i am going to wait until June 15th, 23 weeks from now to get a trim. i am waiting that long because it probably will have evened out by then. Plus since the weather will be warm, the hair growth will be boosted. :) 


Still loving my managed ends. It seems like its grown? 


I took my braids out on December 30th and wore a braid out for a few days.  I can honestly say I've NEVER taken down a style and my hair look so good.  JBCO use was definitely beneficial in keeping my hair from getting extra frizzy for the month I wore the box braids. here is a photo of how my hair looked during and after the take down. I lost quite a bit of hair which is why I prefer not to wear long term protectives like box braids.  Although the loss was normal and expected, seeing all of that hair shed at one time was borderline traumatizing for me ;).  After removing my braids I did not notice any additional thickening and nothing more than normal hair growth for 4 weeks. I also notice my head itched like crazy and I dilute mine with grapeseed and EVOO. 

I washed my hair with Amazing Botanicals Black Soap Poo, deep conditioned with Honey Condish, then two strand twisted my hair using Kinky Curly Curling Custard.I wore the twists one week and now I'm currently rocking a well defined soft twist out for the past 4 days.  

This weekend I plan to do a hot oil treatment using JBCO and Grapeseed Oil. Haven't decided on the style as yet for the final two weeks but it will be protective and the final photo will show my growth results from the challenge.  


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