Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful Hair Hot Oil Treatment

Treating the hair with hot oil is a great way to temporarily repair dryness and brittleness in the hair, soothe dry flaky scalp, and treat dandruff.  Caution should always be used when doing a hot oil treatment to avoid burning the scalp. 

What you will need:
  • Bowl
  • River of Jordan Beautiful Hair Oil or Oil(s) of choice
  • Plastic bottle with applicator tip
  • Plastic Processing Cap and a towel or
  • Hair  Steamer

Hot Oil Treatments should ALWAYS be done on wet or very damp hair.  This is so the oils can seal in moisture.  You can do this treatment prior to shampooing (pre-poo) or you can do this step after you shampoo and before you condition.  I prefer to use the hot oil treatment as a pre-poo. I find after washing my hair following a hot oil treatment my hair is much softer, stronger, and does not have the dry feel it can have depending on the type of shampoo used.  My hair tends to feel moist for days after doing a hot oil treatment.  For information of which types of oils to use for a hot oil treatment if you don't have the chance to order Beautiful Hair Oil, click here to read previous posts all about oils and their specific benefits [Carrier and Essential Oil Posts]

1. First, you need to warm the oil.  NEVER PLACE OIL IN A MICROWAVE OVEN!
Pour water into a small sauce pan and bring to a very gentle boil or just before boil.  Pour close to boiling hot water into a small deep bowl. 

3. If you're using Beautiful Hair Oil, place the entire bottle in the bowl of water that reaches at least half way mark of the bottle (depending on the size of the bottle) for 30 seconds, remove, test the temperature by putting one or two drops on the back of your wrist.  If the temperature is comfortable move forward, if you can stand it a bit warmer place the bottle back into the hot water for another 30 seconds, test again, and repeat until you reach the desired temperature.  If you are mixing your own blend of oils or just using one specific oil the easiest way to apply it is to transfer the oil to a plastic bottle with an applicator tip or nozzle.

4. Section wet hair into 4 sections.

5. Starting where you wish, part the hair into 1/2 inch sections depending on how dense your hair is parts may need to be smaller to ensure complete saturation of oils on the hair and begin apply the oil directly to the scalp. Once applied, gently massage the scalp with the finger pads (AVOID USING FINGER NAILS)

I use my finger pads to massage oils into the scalp and then I gently rub the oil completely down length of the hair.

6. Sit under steamer or place a plastic processing cap over your hot oil treated hair.  If steaming is not an option our remaining hot water onto your towel, wring the towel out from excessive water and wrap the very warm towel around your head, allowing the hot oil treatment to process 30 minutes to an hour. 

Oil and steam  work wonders at making the hair much more manageable.

This is a photo of my clients hair immediately after washing the hot oil from her scalp and hair.  She was left with very soft, moisturized, easy to comb through hair.  Weekly or bi-weekly  hot oil treatments over time will help improve your hairs ability to retain moisture for longer periods of time, help stop dry flaking scalp issues, and improve the luster of your hair over all. 

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