Tuesday, April 2, 2013

FingerComber Havana Twist Extension Hair Review

With Summer approaching more Naturalista's are planning on their upcoming long term protective style. Here in Dallas, TX it gets sweltering hot and keeping my hair protected is a must. About a year ago I was contacted on Facebook by a company called Fingercomber, inviting me to their business page to support and view their new line of extension hair. I am so glad they did. FingerComber carries a line of hair that includes very natural true to Afro-texture synthetic hair that can be purchased on a weft for a sew-weave style, wig for full hair protection, or in bulk for the most famous style created by FingerComber, the Havana Twists. It was love at first sight. What I really like about the FingerComber website is how informative it is. Not only can you purchase the hair their, you can also view styling how-to videos. After viewing the Havana Twist install video I knew I had to try it. I broke out my mannequin and after a few tries, I was looking forward to having my first Havana Twist client.   

In the photo above, this is what the hair looks like when it arrives.  My client ordered her hair in advance and stated she received it in 5 days. Not bad! Let me also point out Havana Twist Hair is NOT marley hair that is commonly used as extension hair for kinky twists.  This hair comes in very thick ready to use, separated strips that make installing it easy to manage.  I am very choosy about the type of hair I will work with because not all extension hair has the same quality.  The colors in the photo above are Chestnut Black and Sangria which is the color outside of the plastic bags. 

I used a small amout of product (Taliah Wajjid Tight Hold) at the base of each twist for a clean finish.

Bra-Strap Length Havana Twists I used 3 and 3/4 packs of hair...for the ends I used aluminum foil cut into 4/1-1/2 inch strips and rolled the ends in an upward motion about  inches up each twists, followed by dipping them individually in boiling hot water for a few seconds and allowed them to cool before removing the foil roller.Very small, thin, perm rods would also work well on curling the ends of Havana Twists.

As you can see, the Havana Twists are not started by me using the braid first then twist method.  I start each twist, with two strand twisting for a more natural look at the root of each twist. The method is shown in detail on the FingerComber website.
Fingercomber Havana Twist hair gets 2 BIG thumbs up!!! Good quality, good price, long lasting, and re-usable...get's no better than that!
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  1. You did a good job. I really like Havana twists.

  2. Love the Havana Twists. Now I have a new style to try.

  3. Im always loving my braids but when I saw pictures on you tube of many hairstyles in the havana twist I really love them so im deciding to go and try this style.